How to Identify a Drug Addict

Learn how to identify a drug addict, and you just may be able to provide your loved one with the help they need to recover from addiction

An addiction takes a toll on the person that is suffering it directly, but also on everyone around them. Relationships fail, work and education can suffer, and everything begins a downward spiral. If you know how to identify a drug addict, you may be able to get someone the help they need just at the right time.

Signs of drug use will many times be obvious. But, not all users show those clear symptoms of drug abuse from the very beginning. One may have to look at their attitudes and behavior to be able to tell if something is actually happening to them.

If you are trying to understand how to identify a drug addict, what signs to look for and what to do, the first step is knowing that their addiction is a disease in their brain. It’s not something they can simply control anymore.

They are suffering from an uncontrollable and compulsive desire for the substance, despite the unhealthy and dangerous consequences. However, it is precisely that compulsive behavior that allows us to see the first signs of drug use.

The following characteristics are some of the early symptoms of drug abuse that you can look for, if you want to learn how to identify a drug addict:

These early symptoms of drug abuse are mostly behavioral. This is what makes them difficult to spot at the beginning if you don’t exactly know what you are looking for as a telling parameter.

In more advanced scenarios, you will be able to see the actual psychical signs of drug use in your loved one. Some of these changes will include:

While these signs of drug use are more obvious and clear, sometimes a long period of abuse has gone by before you can really see them. That is way it is key to pay attention to the behavioral symptoms of drug abuse, to be able to get help at the first sight of them.

Knowing how to identify a drug addict is not the only important step in helping your loved one recover. In order to get them the proper support, a detoxification and rehabilitation treatment is necessary to assist them in overcoming their addiction.

The basic steps or stages of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for your loved one, will generally include detoxification, psychotherapy, learning new coping skills and mechanisms to prevent relapse, and the development of a continuous care plan.

Only by going thru these stages can someone actually get clean and recover after suffering from an addiction.

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