Finding Affordable or Even Free Substance Abuse Treatment

Have you ever wondered if there are free substance abuse treatment centers?

A common misconception around drug rehabilitation treatment is that it is unaffordable. This is far from the truth, as there are many ways that a person can receive assistance to receive affordable or even free substance abuse treatment. Abuse and addiction to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco cost the United States an estimated $740 billion in costs on a yearly basis, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drug abuse costs a person as well as the American people in general. These costs include:

With this information in mind, insurance companies as well as the federal government have an interest in helping people overcome drug addictions. Therefore, there are many organizations, free substance abuse treatment centers, and insurance companies that will support those wishing to become drug-free.

What Types of Free Addiction Help Are Available?

Insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid may cover different levels and amounts of addiction help. Examples of some of the common addiction services include:

Coverage can vary based on the desired treatments, facilities, and doctors that a person may choose to use. Often, a person can benefit from contacting their insurance company to determine what facilities may be covered. Good questions to ask can include:

Some facilities may also offer payment plans or free addiction help for those struggling with addiction.

Rehab Is an Investment

Even if a person’s insurance does not provide free substance abuse treatment, it is important that a person take steps to seek drug rehabilitation. While going to treatment may represent an initial monetary investment, it is one that offers great returns and ultimately savings. A person must consider several things when weighing the expense that can come with drug rehabilitation. These include:

Not only is the decision to seek drug rehabilitation one that makes financial sense, it also gives a person their life back. They no longer have to live with the shadow of substance abuse hanging over their heads. They can live a healthy, productive life once again. These are just some of the many benefits and reasons to seek drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation.

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