Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center Explained

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Treatment Programs Offered in a Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center

The treatment programs offered in a drug addiction rehabilitation center integrate a range of medications, therapies and treatments designed to improve recovery success rates. The actual types of treatments a person might receive at drug rehab facilities may vary depending on a range of factors, including:

  • The type of drug being taken
  • The dosage being taken prior to entering into treatment
  • The length and severity of the addiction
  • The likelihood of experiencing potentially adverse withdrawal symptoms
  • The presence of any polydrug use
  • The presence of any symptoms of a cooccurring mental health disorder

When each person entering into a drug addiction rehabilitation center has been formally assessed, it’s possible to tailor the correct combination of therapies and treatments to begin the recovery process.

What Happens in a Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center?

Most people associate rehab as being centered around the detox process. The common assumption is that a person caught in the grip of drug or alcohol addiction simply needs to endure a few uncomfortable days during detox and then they’ll somehow be cured.

In reality, detox is only the first stage in a comprehensive treatment program. Detox simply removes the effects of the substance from the system. However, on its own detox does nothing to treat the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors.

When a recovering person enters into a drug addiction rehabilitation center, addiction specialists may offer medically-assisted detox. The recovering person is given prescription medication designed to reduce the severity of any withdrawal symptoms that may emerge and make the detox process more manageable.

Drug rehab facilities also provide around-the-clock medical supervision and monitoring, which can improve safety for those at risk of developing potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

When the detox process is complete, the best drug rehab centers will introduce a combination of behavioral therapy, individual counseling, and group support therapy sessions. The objective behind counseling sessions is to help the recovering person recognize and identify their own unique addiction triggers.

Counseling also helps each person begin developing their own individual relapse prevention strategy. Just as the triggers behind each person’s self-destructive behaviors are individual, the relapse prevention techniques needed to remain clean and sober also need to be customized to suit each person’s needs.

Along with traditional therapies, some of the best drug rehab centers should also incorporate a variety of alternative or holistic therapies. The objective of alternative therapies is to provide the recovering person with healthy, natural ways to reduce stress, manage cravings, and relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What Happens After Leaving Drug Rehab Facilities?

While a recovering person is being treated within a drug addiction rehabilitation center, they have the opportunity to put newly-learned sobriety skills into practice. However, once the person leaves rehab they face the challenge of returning to people, places and triggers that may be already strongly associated with addictive substance use.

In an effort to provide ongoing support and treatment, many drug rehab facilities provide a range of addiction aftercare programs. Some people may need access to sober living homes or halfway homes temporarily to provide a substance-free environment. Others may need ongoing treatment or counseling, while some may find added incentive to stay sober by attending local group support meetings.

Still others may benefit from regular attendance to alternative therapy sessions, such as exercise programs, job skills training, yoga or meditation classes, or art therapy sessions.

What to Look for In the Best Drug Rehab Centers

Trying to locate the best drug addiction rehabilitation center to suit your needs can be challenging. Not all rehab programs offer the same types of treatment or therapy, so it’s important to ensure you find one that provides the right facilities and programs for your personal needs.

If you’re unsure where to start in finding a drug rehab center, call the team at Better Addiction Care. We’ll discuss your treatment requirements and your preferred budget with you and then help you find the best drug rehab center available that matches your needs.