Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Ohio

Need Addiction Treatment in Ohio? Discover the Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Near You.

Ohio may be known as the Buckeye State and the place where the Wright Brothers first took flight, but more recently, it has come under the spotlight as one of the most-affected states in the opioid crisis. In 2016, the rate of overdose deaths attributed to opioid abuse was 32.9 per 100,000 people – compared to the national average of 13.3 per 100,000. Cocaine overdose in Ohio rose by 61.9 percent from 2015 to 2016. With thousands of Ohioans seeking help for addiction, we have compiled a list of the best drug addiction treatment centers in Ohio.

Northeast Ohio

Southwest Ohio

Out of State Options

But before we take a look at our top picks for Ohio addiction treatment centers, please note that we based our choices on the principals of effective treatment as set by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). These principals were our focus when creating our list to ensure that you or your loved one gets the best care for substance use disorder they can get.

Top Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Ohio

Ohio is home to many drug rehabs; however, we have selected these two top drug addiction treatment centers in Ohio as the best places to find addiction treatment in the state. Of course, they adhere to the strict protocols that make treatment effective as set out by NIDA.

The recommended Ohio addiction treatment centers that have changed the lives of many former addicts are as follows.

The Bluffs

The Bluffs is an Ohio addiction recovery center that is located in Sherrodsville. It isn’t your typical rehab in the sense that it doesn’t feel like a rehab; it feels more like a relaxing break from the stresses of the world. It blends the highest level of treatment with the beauty that Ohioan landscape has to offer. The purpose of building the facility here was to use the landscape as a way to promote a healing environment.

It is one of the drug addiction treatment centers in Ohio that is focused on providing inpatient or residential treatment. From just outside the private rooms, you will discover a breathtaking view of the rock waterfall and the bluffs. Thanks to its location, The Bluffs has the ability to offer effective treatment programs that are out of the norm, such as their recreational and outdoor therapy.

Some of the treatment programs available at this Ohio addiction recovery center are as follows:

The Bluffs’ programs are aimed at treating adults who are suffering from substance use disorder. They also accept most out-of-network health insurance.

Location: 2650 Lodge Rd SW, Sherrodsville, Ohio 44675

If you would like to start the process of recovery at The Bluffs, or would just like more information about the rehab, then please call (800) 429-7690. Alternatively, you can click here to read more.


Northland is one of the most established drug addiction treatment centers in Ohio. Located in Milford, Northland has been serving those who need addiction treatment help in the area for over 25 years.

Northland is one of the leading outpatient drug addiction treatment centers in Ohio. It is accredited by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services as well as the nationally-recognized Joint Commission.

As a privately run facility, Northland prides itself on its quick turn-around from initially contacting the facility to getting into one of their treatment programs. At Northland, you can be 100% covered by Ohio Medicaid, and they accept other commercial health insurance too.

At this Ohio addiction recovery center, the following services are available:

The treatment programs at Northland are designed to assist adults and young adults going through a substance abuse or addiction problem.

Location: 25 Whitney Drive, Milford, Ohio 45150

To get more information or to start your recovery journey with Northland, please get in touch with us at (800) 429-7690, or click here.

Out-of-State Options to Consider

Of course, going out-of-state for rehab is a consideration one must make because it has its own set of benefits. Going to another state for treatment, preferably with alluring landscape, can be the ideal way to get away from it all and put all of your focus entirely on your recovery.

One of the best places in the United States that has the therapeutic environments one wants in a rehab is Florida. The following rehab is our choice for the top rehab in Florida that can make for an ideal out-of-state destination for rehab.


WhiteSands, located in Fort Myers, is one of the top-rated luxury rehabs in Florida. The facility can be likened to a campus-style resort. It houses nine four-bedroom homes that have been custom-built to service the needs of addicts in recovery. Between the homes, gazebos, fountains and a stunning landscape can be found.

The houses are decorated like a luxury bed and breakfast, with each room fitted with a TV and couches. Each of the houses has its own staff, including a therapist and a group meeting area.

Three community buildings and the surrounding area has the following activities and amenities to enjoy:

WhiteSands offers the following treatment options:

Treatment at WhiteSands is aimed at adults who need help for substance use disorder and they except most private health insurance.

Location: 1820 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida 33907

If you would like to speak to someone about attending WhiteSands, or would just like more information before making your decision, then call (800) 429-7690 today, or alternatively, click here.