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AA Meetings in Ventura, California

As is true in many other localities, alcoholism is a significant problem in Ventura and Ventura County, California. Thousands of people each year are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Not wanting to become statistics, many people like you who have struggled with alcoholism have begun professional alcohol rehab in order to beat their addiction. But now that you have finished or are near finishing your recovery program, you may be asking the question, "What's next?" The answer is ongoing recovery support, and AA meetings in Ventura are one viable option for helping you stay sober.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Ventura

AA is short for Alcoholics Anonymous, which is one of the most widely respected support programs for the ongoing recovery of alcoholics worldwide. The chief component of participating in Alcoholics Anonymous is attending AA meetings. Ventura recovering alcoholics go to these meetings to speak with other recovering alcoholics and share their struggles while hearing about the struggles of others. In this confidential environment, men and women find accountability and support to help them when they are tempted to take another drink. The cost to participate in AA is minimal; donations are typically collected to defray the costs of things like renting meeting space and printing brochures, but there are no dues or fees required. At these meetings, you will be encouraged to be aware of how your addiction has hurt other people, which is an incentive to seek forgiveness and stay sober so that you do not continue to hurt others.

Other Program Options

For a variety of reasons, some recovering alcoholics do not feel comfortable attending AA meetings in Ventura. Thankfully, there are other follow-up programs to assist you after you get sober in rehab, too. The follow-up team at Better Addiction Care can assist you in finding the right ongoing recovery group if you do not think it would be best for you to attend AA meetings. Ventura is also home to several other programs that have proven effective in helping people maintain a successful recovery from alcoholism, and we can help you explore your options.

Getting Rehab Help

Your journey to lasting victory over alcoholism begins by completing a customized rehab program under the supervision of highly trained medical personnel: AA is not a substitute for professional addiction treatment. If you have not yet completed rehabilitation, the alcohol rehab centers in our addiction recovery network can help, and the best solution for you is just a call away. The programs we represent are accepting new patients, so call today or fill out our contact form: We will work to find inpatient treatment and post-recovery support near you.

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We strongly recommend that anyone attending a meeting first contact the location and confirm all Meeting information (day, time, location) before attending.

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