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Morphine Abuse

Morphine is a narcotic opiate prescribed to treat pain. The medication is available as a suppository, tablet, and syrup. It has highly addictive properties and uncomfortable side effects. It is also known by the names Duramorph, Roxanol, “white stuff,” “monkey,” “Miss Emma,” and “M.” Morphine is not only a powerful pain reliever, but it also produces feelings of drowsiness and euphoria. This addictive substance has the potential for morphine abuse.

2 Minute Read | Published Aug 01 2023 | Updated Oct 11 2023

Morphine is prescribed widely because of how effectively it treats people with moderate to severe pain. However, the addiction risks are undeniable. Around 10% of Americans have abused an opiate medication. Morphine drug abuse behaviors consist of crushing and snorting the substance or using the medication in a greater dosage than prescribed. If you are concerned that a loved one is abusing morphine, there are some physical and behavioral signs to watch out for. Small patches of rashes, muscle twitches, extreme fatigue, and decreased appetite are all signs of morphine addiction. Trying to obtain the drug takes its toll on a person’s social and emotional well-being as well. If you notice secretive behavior, avoidance of social situations, and decreased interest in favorite activities, this may be a sign of a morphine addiction.

Morphine Overdose

The most dangerous aspect of morphine abuse is the risk of overdose. Because morphine is a nervous system depressant, an overdose can be fatal. Signs of morphine overdose include:

  • Clammy skin
  • Convulsions
  • Stupor
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Slow and shallow breathing
  • Extreme sleepiness

It’s very important to call for emergency medical help when these conditions are present. As the nervous system shuts down, a person’s breathing will slow. The medication naloxone can reverse the effects, but it may be needed in large doses, so medical professionals absolutely must be involved in the event of an overdose.

When someone is addicted to morphine, an overdose is a very real threat as the body develops a tolerance over time and requires more of the drug in order to achieve the desired effect. Withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and may cause a person to relapse. Turning to a rehab for morphine abuse and addiction treatment is the surest way to recover safely.

Find Help for Morphine Addiction

There is a way out of the morphine drug abuse cycle. Addiction can feel overwhelming and impossible to overcome, but you don’t have to face it alone. BetterAddictionCare is here to help you decide what addiction treatment option is best for you.

Call today or fill out a contact form and we will find you cost-effective, customized treatment in a safe environment within our national network of treatment centers. Contact BetterAddictionCare to get help now and start healing.


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