Suboxone Addiction

suboxone addiction

Breaking away from an addiction is something to be celebrated, but sometimes, if not carefully monitored, it can herald a decline into another addiction. One such example is addiction to Suboxone, a drug designed to help opiate addicts recover. The user can become addicted to Suboxone instead of or as a supplement to their opiate addiction, and may then require additional treatment for Suboxone addiction.

What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a medical drug that contains buprenorphine and naloxone, which are a partial opioid agonist and a drug designed to mute the addictive effects of opioids. It’s intended for use to help addicts recover and wean off of opiate drug use, particularly that of heroin. Suboxone addiction treatment is generally prescribed by a doctor, but Suboxone itself can be obtained from a pharmacy. When used correctly, Suboxone can help users gently taper off of their opiate dependence by reducing the dosage as prescribed by a medical professional.

What Is a Suboxone Addiction?

If it’s taken incorrectly and unsupervised, a narcotics user may develop an addiction to Suboxone, thanks to the lower level of opiates that the drug contains. It’s less likely for an addiction to develop since Suboxone releases opioids slowly and the added naloxone prevents an immediate high from snorting, but it is still possible. If a user does become addicted to Suboxone, it can be difficult to diagnose or recognize, especially if the user indulges their addiction under the pretense of recovery from another. Some Suboxone addiction signs include nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness. Behavioral Suboxone addiction signs might include withdrawal from social groups, trouble maintaining responsibility, theft of money, and visiting many different doctors. A new addiction to Suboxone can be extremely dangerous, as Suboxone has the potential to completely stop a user’s breathing. Similarly, if a user tries to inject Suboxone, it can cause death.

How to Treat a Suboxone Addiction

An addiction to Suboxone may seem like a step backward, but this challenge can be overcome through Suboxone addiction treatment. BetterAddictionCare’s nationwide recovery network of outpatient and inpatient alternative rehab programs specializes in customized care that can help you get clean. After a personalized pre-screening to determine which treatment center is the best match for you, our client care specialists will provide assistance with the arrangement of both transportation and public or private insurance requirements. Once enrolled in Suboxone addiction treatment, clients will be given a medically assisted detox individualized to meet their personal needs and designed to keep them comfortable through the withdrawal process. After the treatment for Suboxone addiction concludes, clients will be paired with a local recovery team that can provide additional support as the client continues their addiction recovery journey. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing.

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