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Where Do Addicts Hide Drugs?

Knowing the best place to hide drugs could be the skill that allows you to identify and confront a potential problem that is close to home. It can make a difference that allows you to spot the issues in the present before they become more of a problem in the future.

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Emma Collins
Written by
Ashley Bayliss
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Better Addiction Care has years of experience dealing with sufferers of substance abuse and dependence. We are providers of resources for finding drug addiction treatment locations and information. Over the years, our team has learned the places where addicts tend to hide drugs from their loved ones.

In this overview, you will learn where to keep an eye open for any potential illicit substances and other ways that those suffering from a drug addiction could be concealing their dependencies from you. Our team provides helpful information, not just for those in need but also for those who are looking to help make the lives of those they care about easier.

Finding a Drug Stash 

After someone has been using drugs for a bit of time, they begin to learn where to hide drugs. They find ways to keep others from learning about their habits, including hiding their behavior from those who would take note and try to improve their situation. Addiction is a disease that promotes secrecy and half-truths. Knowing how to find drugs can make the sufferer come to terms with their situation and perhaps opt to get on the path to recovery. 

Drug-hiding devices are available easily and are often used by addicts when they are trying to keep the specifics of their addiction a secret under the nose of a loved one. For example, some companies sell variations of standard cans for the exact purpose of hiding drugs. These can be spotted by someone as a place to hide drugs if they know what to look for. These pieces are often disguised as ordinary containers, which can keep odors out in cases where marijuana or another distinctly smelling drug is hidden. Be sure to take note of the following and do a search if you have the concern and opportunity to:

  • Highlighters
  • Lipstick containers
  • Pill bottles
  • Vents
  • Video game consoles
  • Deep inside dressers
  • Hollowed out books
  • Bottles and cans 

When a user decides to hide drugs from others, it may be a sign that they are also aware that their use has developed into an addiction to the substance. There are other behaviors to keep an eye out for when suspicious of possible drug use in your home or in the home of someone you are close to. 

How Addicts Hide an Addiction

Addicts learning how to sneak drugs past their friend’s and family’s knowledge is common for many users. You need to know that hiding their stashes is not the only way that people suffering from addiction choose to hide their addiction from others. There are other behaviors to take note of that could also point to a hidden substance abuse issue.

Things such as increased secrecy around their closest friends and family members and a lack of specificity when recounting events with others outside of their typical social circle are two classic examples of a hidden struggle with substance abuse. Learning where they may hide drugs is a great way to start your deeper dive into investigating the possibility of problems close to home. You should also keep an open eye on behaviors, as well as potential stashes in their space. These are important for finding the proof you need to help.

The best way to help once a problem has been confirmed is to try and connect your loved one with the right team for their rehabilitation by making use of the resources at your disposal. 

Find National Drug Abuse Treatment and Alcoholism Recovery Programs

If you are concerned with the potential issue of addiction being present in a friend or loved one, then it is a must that you get them the help they need as quickly as possible by making use of all the free resources you can.

Our team offers access to a free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. This directory is sure to prove useful when you’re looking for a team in your area that can match up with the specific needs the patient may have. If you are interested in more articles such as this, which cover a variety of topics related to addiction and its treatment, then be sure to take a look at our addiction treatment blog.

If you want to learn more about our team and what their free resources can offer, be sure to reach out to us and ask any questions you may have relating to what we offer.

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