What to Do for Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning occurs when someone consumes too much alcohol too quickly and it floods the bloodstream, impairing the brain and vital functions. Certain factors can increase a person’s risk of alcohol poisoning, and these include:

  • Their overall health
  • Their size and weight
  • The percentage of alcohol in the drinks consumed
  • Their tolerance level
  • Combining alcohol with other drugs
  • The rate and amount of alcohol consumed
  • How recently a person ate

Someone experiencing alcohol poisoning will be unable to help themselves. If you are with someone displaying the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, know what to do for alcohol poisoning:

  • Give the person water
  • Keep them awake and sitting up
  • If they are unconscious, keep them on their side
  • Check if they are breathing properly
  • Stay with them to monitor their symptoms
  • Get a warm blanket for the person
  • Let the person know if you are going to perform any action on them, as they may become aggressive
  • Call 911 immediately if you suspect an alcohol overdose. Don’t attempt to guess how much alcohol the person has consumed.

Be aware that a person who has passed out due to alcohol overdose may die. If possible, keep the person conscious, and contact emergency services. Doing so may save a life.

What to Avoid if You Have Alcohol Poisoning

Just as there are actions that must be taken if you have alcohol poisoning, there are actions that should definitely be avoided. If a person has alcohol poisoning, you should never:

  • Give them coffee. Caffeine can worsen dehydration.
  • Leave them to sleep it off. A person can lose consciousness or asphyxiate.
  • Walk the person around
  • Put them under a cold shower. Alcohol poisoning can cause hypothermia.
  • Try to make them throw up
  • Allow them to have more alcohol

Only time can reverse the effects of alcohol. In the event of poisoning, a person should be medically supervised until the alcohol leaves their system.

Find a Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Watching someone experience alcohol poisoning can be a terrifying experience. It can also indicate that a person has an alcohol addiction. If you think it’s time to find help for someone you care about, contact BetterAddictionCare. Our compassionate client care specialists will help you locate an affordable addiction rehab center near you and create a customized plan for recovery. Call today or fill out our contact form to get help and start healing with the BetterAddictionCare family.

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