Alcoholic Face Changes to Keep an Eye Out For

There are many emotional and physical changes that are associated with alcohol abuse. One of the most noticeable features that are affected by this form of substance abuse is the face of the sufferer, referred to as “alcoholic face.” There are many ways that a face can change through routine alcohol use. When you factor in that the effects only get more noticeable with use, it is clear that alcoholics are some of those who have the most apparent changes to their appearance.

Better Addiction Care is a team that specializes in providing free resources for addicts of alcohol and drugs to find the right alcohol and drug treatment centers and programs in their area. One of the ways our team helps is by providing expert insight into some of the most pressing issues related to the subject. With this in mind, what are some alcoholic face changes that abusers of the substance can experience? 

An Alcohol-Bloated Face Is a Noticeable Sign of Abuse

One of the first signs of alcoholism, when you are trying to discern what alcoholic face changes to keep an eye out for, is the bloating after drinking alcohol that affects the entire body. The face shows the most noticeable of the changes.

Alcohol and weight gain have always been related to each other. But why does alcohol make you gain weight? It is mainly related to how alcohol stops the body from burning fat and is high in calories and carbohydrates. Additionally, there are many cravings it can muster. The bloating of the face will likely be the most noticeable change in people. It can make someone so bloated that they do not even look like themselves anymore.

While this is hardly the main reason to check into a recovery program for alcoholism, it is a noticeable change in a person who is suffering from alcohol abuse. An alcoholic face that has suffered from bloating is likely to have also suffered from some of the other classic signs of alcohol abuse. Every part of your face is affected by this form of substance abuse and can be the reason that one’s friends and family begin to notice the issues at hand. 

Drinker’s Nose, Skin Issues, and More

Alcoholic face bloating is one of the main ways to spot someone who is suffering from alcohol abuse. Know that it is hardly the only way that alcoholic beverages can affect one’s facial appearance. Some of the other signs are what is known as a gin blossom nose and the skin of someone who regularly abuses alcohol.

A “gin nose” or “gin blossom nose” is the classic enlarged and porous nose of someone who suffers from substance abuse. The actor W.C. Fields was well-known for this trait. Though the actual links are not typically agreed upon, many do believe that this change to one’s facial features is due to alcohol abuse.

Gin blossom nose may be disputed as a sign of alcoholism by some. However, one generally accepted change to facial appearance that is due to alcoholism relates to the skin of an abuser. Skin before and after quitting alcohol is like night and day. It affects every area of the face, even including the contested alcoholic nose experiences noticeable changes here.

Alcohol dries out skin due to the dehydrating nature of the substance. This leads to all kinds of physical changes to an alcoholic face, such as wrinkling, more brittle hair, and a dulled appearance.

Physical changes are by no means the only, or even the primary, reason to consider getting sober and kicking an alcohol habit. Despite this, it is one of the reasons to consider. Nonetheless, if you value your appearance and want to keep on looking how you wish, changing your habits and addictions is the best way of doing so. 

Find Alcoholism Treatment Centers in Your Area

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism and wants to rid themselves of a potentially life-threatening addiction, then it can be hard to find the perfect location to get the treatment you need.

That’s where our team comes in. Our experts provide free resources for finding substance abuse treatment centers and programs in your area that can serve as the backdrop to your recovery. Our extensive national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities provides information relating to locations across the country that should be considered.

Call our team today to learn more about how our resources can be of use to you along your treatment journey. You can also take a look at some of our other addiction treatment blog articles to get further information relating to all things addiction and its treatment. 

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