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Lodge At Avon Center

Google Rating: 3.9

Lodge At Avon Center

Lodge At Avon Center is located in Avon, Colorado.
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Google Reviews

Very nice

joe stahly, 1 year ago

We went with a party of 6 and did the mine room. It was a great experience. The staff was friendly and got us signed in and started in a timely manner. They were engaged with us throughout the event as every now and then they would send us an update about something. They would only give clues if we asked. The mine room was rated as difficult but we finished it with 20 min left on the timer. Overall we had a ton of fun. They even printed a photo for us and sent us a copy on the phone as well.

Kellie Kaiser, 1 year ago

Zach and Sam made our experience incredibly enjoyable. The mine escape was extremely fun and quite a challenge. Barely made it out in time! Will definitely visit again..

Graydon Gesner, 1 year ago

Sam and Zach are such industrious and knowledgeable young men; bravo for putting together such an inventive and well-run local business! This is easily the most fun activity any friends and family can do outside of hitting the slopes! 10/10 would recommend to all, very fair prices as well!!

B D, 1 year ago

Just swung by on an off day from snowboarding with the entire family (mom, dad, brother, sister). First off want to give an idea on which room difficulty to do: We had 2 experienced escapers and 3 non. We did the hard escape room (gold mine theme) and finished with about 5 min left after a few clues. We wholeheartedly would recommend the hard one for groups that have experienced escape room members, but it may be too hard for a first attempt. The place was awesome and fully warrants a 5* review. The rooms are designed by the staff and Colorado themed (as opposed to many escape rooms who pull from a catalog for their designs). Puzzles had a really cool variety that utilized skills from every member of our family. Our parents wanted to stay and do a second one even! Despite being self designed puzzles, everything worked well. The puzzle we did was a little less linear than previous escape rooms I've been. This made it fun with a group of 5 since we could separately solve different pieces at the same time. If we are ever back in Vail, we will be back!!

Brett Llewellyn, 1 year ago

We did the Santa escape due to its unique theme. This would be a great escape room with young children, however most puzzles are adult difficulty. I enjoyed the RFID switches and the audio. I expected a room thrown together due to its seasonal nature, but despite some chintzy parts, it was surprisingly well done. The room was not difficult for experienced escapers, yet there are different puzzles. Parking is an issue - we had to park uphill after being told to park in a full lot under the building. I would suggest a cleaning be part of the reset. We loved the extra touches before and after the escape.

Justin Fleming, 1 year ago

Meh some of the furnishings need to be updated other than that good

loancat, 1 year ago

Excellent place to stay at Avon. A little more expensive, but great for families that need more than one room.

Aubrey Mullerworth, 1 year ago

Great place to stay in Beaver Creek!

Ryan Adami, 2 years ago

Nice and clean. Position in the center of Avon.

Ivan Petrishki, 3 years ago

Lodge At Avon Center located in beautiful Avon, Colorado, can supply addicts with professional and effective addiction treatment options.

Whether an individual requires inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or holistic treatment options, Lodge At Avon Center can help addicts obtain the goal of sustained sobriety. With experienced staff members, counselors, and addiction advisors, patients can rest assured that receiving professional care is something that is never compromised.

Lodge At Avon Center understands well that making the decision to attend treatment is very difficult. This, though, is the most vital step in the entire recovery process as it means the addict is mentally prepared to get better. This is an important aspect of the whole recovery process. Through consistent support, addicts will have the opportunity to get better when they attend treatment at Lodge At Avon Center.

Since no two addictions are alike, it’s important that treatment be as unique as the individual themselves. At Lodge At Avon Center, they understand that all addictions are different. Also discussed before treatment begins is the patient’s insurance coverage.

By identifying the root cause of the addiction at hand, psychologists, counselors, and advisors can better prescribe a treatment plan that can work for the individual. The core values that are held at Lodge At Avon Center are centered on striving to assist the addict every way possible in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety. Just as so many addicts have attended Lodge At Avon Center and succeeded in recovery, so can others.

Living a fulfilled life is possible with the help of a professional and tailor-made treatment plan. There is a happy life waiting outside the life of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s time to put addiction behind and start on a life that is content. This can only happen with the help of an addiction treatment facility.

Contact Lodge At Avon Center today at www.Substanceabusevail.Com and learn how a unique approach to treatment can help addicts regain control of everyday life. With the proper treatment plan in place, addicts can overcome their addiction and learn to live a sober life in as little as 30-days to 90-days.

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