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Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus is located in Akron, Ohio.

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Google Reviews

I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my knee with Dr. Myer. He is a great doctor and really cares and takes care of his patients and staff. As far as staff at St. Thomas and Crystal Clinic in general, everybody has been extremely nice and did a nice job taking care of me and made my stay pleasant. Nurses are quick to respond to your needs and make you feel like you’re at home. Myself I had no issues with my stay, everybody was great. I would recommend people go to St. Thomas hospital over any other hospital in the area. BTW stay away from Akron City Hospital, that place is a nightmare. When I got transferred from there to St. Thomas they never sent over any of my information including my medicine allergies and discharge papers. Post surgery I was given Demerol which is one medicine I’m deathly allergic to. Luckily my dad and the recovery doctor seen the rash on me and gave me Benadryl to stop the reaction before it got any worse, wasn’t their fault cause city hospital should’ve sent my information over.

Ricky Doyle, 1 year ago

I was here years ago when they still had an ER department and my visit was much less than satisfactory. But the orthopedic department has good doctors(with decent bedside manner at that). As for the rest of the hospital I can't really say. Lived here for years and tried to avoid going to this hospital aside from the orthopedic department.

michael mcgough, 1 year ago

By far the best hospital I have every been in they are very caring you are treated like family they explain what and how your surgery will go in a way you can understand and make you feel at home 100% satisfied would recommend this hospital to any one to use this hospital is awesome I give the 5 plus stars

joe Willoughby, 1 year ago

All of the has gone out of their way to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

William Wiley, 1 year ago

Been in the recovery room since 1:30. Seen a nurse about 3 times between 1:30-7:00. Then Sarah came in and took care of my grandma and she is the friendliest one I've talked to today! Very nice and positive!

Kylee Wood, 1 year ago

I was sent here from the er (5th floor), and let me just say the entire staff were wonderful. I was pink slipped, which means staying (against your will) up to 72 hours. I had talked to a psychiatric doctor, and he knew I wasn't supposed to be there, that the er made a big mistake (trust me, big). The er twisted my words. Everyone at st thomas believed me, and tried to help me get an early release. I ended up getting to leave after 12 hours of being there. I didn't belong there.

Michelle Martin, 1 year ago

They cured my bipolar disorder and helped with anxiety and PTSD

Michael Whitaker, 2 years ago

Had two back surgeries and spent month in house for care. Staff were helpful and polite most the timeÿ

Rockin Robyn, 3 years ago

I had my left knee replaced in July 2015 and I was treated with the upmost care after my surgery. I will be returning back to this hospital on February 1st for my right knee replacement. I look forward to having the same care as I did the first time.

Tammy Everson, 3 years ago

Did Sara Tencredi call at the reception for Michel Crane? While,L Burrows and Kellerman waited outside ?

Madh Vams, 3 years ago

I came into the ER very late the other night with a sizable laceration to my face. The staff was kind and efficient - balancing care for a wide variety of intakes. Dr. Alison Southern was to the point but compassionate as well. She took her time and gave a great deal of consideration while stitching together my very jagged injury. Stitches aren't out yet, and I don't know how this will turn out, but I genuinely feel I got the best possible care that night.

Jen Elijah, 3 years ago

Facility Information

Address:   444 North Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44310
Phone:   (330) 379-9841

Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus is a reputable and accredited addiction treatment facility in Akron, Ohio. The goal of Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus is to change the life of an addict for the better by giving the proper guidance and treatment methods required for a successful recovery.

Treating addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol, requires conducting a thorough patient assessment in order to determine what sort of treatment program will benefit the patient the most. Constructing a future that is free of alcohol and drug use begins with a solid foundation and that foundation can be found at Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus.

After meeting with an addiction counselor, the patient will get a customized treatment plan just for them and their unique case.

By developing coping mechanisms throughout treatment, patients can reenter society feeling confident and assured which is essential when wanting to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Accomplishing the end goal of obtaining sustained sobriety is possible with the help of professional treatment.

The disease of addiction is a serious one and one that requires intense treatment in order to overcome. By providing the support and guidance needed as well as providing comprehensive treatment, patients will have the opportunity to begin a new more promising life path. There is a life beyond substance abuse, but it takes the help of professional addiction treatment in order to discover that new life.

It’s never too late to attend treatment. Whether the patient has been an addict for one year or five years, the addiction counselors at Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus can help. With innovative treatment options available to patients, the chances of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are likely, but it also requires the dedication and positive mindset of the individual in order to obtain long-lasting recovery.

At Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus, quality treatment is never compromised. With the guidance and support of compassionate staff members, patients will feel content when they enter treatment at Summa Health System – St. Thomas Campus.It’s time to take control of the life being lived and seeking treatment is the best decision to take.

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