Prescription Drug Abuse

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When taken as prescribed, some medications can offer a patient real relief from things like pain, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. But as soon as the patient begins to stray from the directions indicated by a doctor, prescription pills’ abuse begins. From taking more medication that directed to finding the same drug outside of a doctor’s office, abuse is a slippery slope that quickly leads to addiction. In order to stop things right away and prevent even more damage from being done, it is important to find a customized prescription drug abuse treatment program and get help.

There are lots of different facility and treatment opportunities for patients who are looking to find the right course of action for themselves and their families. If you are ready to make a change, BetterAddictionCare can connect you with alternative rehab programs near you that are accepting new patients and specialize in prescription drugs’ abuse. Whether you are searching for an inpatient facility or you just want to start with addiction counseling, let us find the solution that’s best for you. Call today to speak with our highly trained team and start healing.

Sometimes, it is tough to know whether or not you need prescription drug abuse help. You may not see that there is a problem, or you may feel like you are in complete control of what is going on. While different medications have different effects, there are some things that tend to go hand in hand with prescription drugs’ abuse, including:

  • Inability to stop taking the medication
  • Going from doctor to doctor to get more prescriptions
  • Making poor decisions personally and professionally
  • Increased anxiety, hostility, or paranoia
  • Increased tolerance to the medication
  • Taking more medication than prescribed to achieve the same effects
  • Lying to friends and family about the medication
  • Feeling extremely high or extremely low after ingesting the drug
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms when not taking the medication

If you still aren’t sure if you have a problem, it’s time to take our online assessment. By answering a few questions, you can gain insight into your situation and learn more about the individualized programs offering prescription drug abuse help that can lead to your success.

Don’t wait until the medication does even more damage to your body, your mind, and your relationships. Instead, let BetterAddictionCare assist you to get help now through treatment for prescription drug abuse. We work with a nationwide recovery network of top facilities that offer cost-effective solutions. Fill out our contact form and commit to making a change today. Our 100% confidential services will ensure that you are given every opportunity to spend time in a safe and comfortable environment as you work through your addiction and walk away with a new chance at life.

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