Drug Rehabs That Accept Medicaid

When it comes to obtaining treatment for substance abuse problems, many addicts rely on the benefits provided by Medicaid. Rehab facilities found across the nation accept this form of payment, but using Medicaid as a funding source may come at a high cost for those who want to get quality treatment right away. Resources at drug rehabs that accept Medicaid tend to be stretched thin, which can result in limited options in terms of treatment plans, rehab locations, and stay durations. At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize that some of the best treatment options available to addicts can be found in top facilities that accept private insurance and out-of-pocket payments, and many of these centers will create payment plans to help you get treatment. Take our pre-assessment to determine which one of the facilities in our recovery network will best meet your needs and will accept direct payments or private insurance benefits.

Substance abusers who need to get help now may find that they have limited options if their primary source of funding for treatment is Medicaid. Rehab facilities that accept Medicaid may provide cost-effective addiction counseling, but treatment may have to come from community or state-run centers that may have few highly trained professionals, amenities, or holistic therapies. Additionally, clients who want to get sober as soon as possible may be frustrated by long waiting lists as they try to find the right rehab for their particular circumstances. For this reason, many people opt to enroll in alternative rehab programs instead of drug treatment centers that accept Medicaid. Since our goal is to provide great resources for substance abusers, we’ve made sure to include facilities in our recovery network that employ skilled rehab specialists who perform medically assisted detoxes and subscribe to the latest addiction counseling modalities.

While drug rehabs that accept Medicaid can provide sufficient services for addiction recovery, they can suffer from a lack of amenities that make addicts feel comfortable during this stressful period. Similarly, individualized treatment may be hard to come by in rehab centers that accept Medicaid, as these facilities may focus solely on a patient’s physical recovery and can use one-size-fits-all philosophies when caring for addicts. Luckily, the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for private insurance to cover comprehensive substance abuse treatment, which can open the door for addicts to access top doctors and treatment centers. To find alternative rehab programs that offer immediate admissions and customized care, fill out our contact form and request more information about facilities that accept your particular private insurance policy. All inquiries will be kept 100% confidential.

At BetterAddictionCare, we believe that our clients deserve the best type of substance abuse treatment available. Since drug rehab centers that accept Medicaid have few amenities, often subscribe to only traditional approaches to treatment, and may have long waiting lists, we work hard to get our clients into top-notch facilities in our recovery network that are accepting new patients and can work with patients on their payment options. To find an inpatient facility that is near you and accepts your private insurance, call today to speak with a client care specialist. We’ll discuss treatment centers that offer immediate admissions, and our customer service representatives can answer any questions that you may have about coordinating transportation so that you can arrive at a rehab as soon as you decide to start healing.

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