Addiction Recovery Coaching

For addicts who are looking for an extra bit of support while trying to achieve sobriety, a recovery coach can act as an emotional or motivational safety net during particularly challenging times. These individuals apply their specialized addiction recovery training to assist addicts in meeting their goals to resist temptation, mitigate destructive behaviors, and maintain communication with friends and loved ones. While recovery coaching can provide many benefits to addicts while they pursue sobriety, coaches’ contributions should be viewed as supplementary and part of a collaborative effort to get sober. At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize how important it can be for addicts to be surrounded by the right support system during this trying time in their lives. We’re committed to connecting clients with the perfect recovery team so that their chances of success will increase along their path to sobriety.

A recovery coach can provide much-needed support for an addict striving for sobriety. A coach can be enlisted during the first phase of recovery, when a client enters an inpatient drug facility, or after an addict has been discharged from rehab. As a major part of a recovery team, they can provide general addiction counseling in person or through long-distance communication when an addict needs assistance with staying sober. Many help point out issues that need attention, such the removal of temptations and obstacles that keep addicts from staying safe and substance-free. Some may be paid professionals who work with individual clients, and others may be volunteers who lead groups. Coaches can provide advice, motivation, and support and can even teach nontraditional techniques such as mindfulness so that addicts can maintain sobriety. At BetterAddictionCare, we’re able to help you find the right recovery team that can help you get clean and stay committed to your goal of sobriety.

For addicts who may find it difficult to extricate themselves from their previous behaviors and environments, recovery coaching may offer an extra layer of defense when addicts find themselves at a crossroads between sobriety and relapse. Coaches can be particularly helpful during times of crisis, when addicts can be most emotionally or psychologically vulnerable. A highly trained recovery coach has the skills to implement wellness planning and build comfortable relationships with their charges so that efforts at addiction recovery are successful.

Recovery coaching can have a significant impact on an addict’s success at staying sober. Cost-effective coaching solutions include those provided in group sessions at addiction recovery facilities and those that can be classified as peer coaching. Both may be covered by private insurance, which can reduce the overall financial burden of individuals interested in exploring this tool for recovery. Call today to speak with a counselor who can help you find recovery coaching near you covered by your private insurance policy. Take advantage of our 100% confidential services to experience quality individualized care.

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