Veterans Addiction Treatment

substance abuse for service veterans

Finding the Right Veterans Addiction Treatment Program for You

Veterans face special challenges when it comes to substance abuse. Veterans are both more likely to experience substance use disorders and to experience more severe disorders. When combined with the physical and psychological injuries that many veterans have experienced, these substance abuse issues are likely to require professional veterans addiction treatment.

Why Are Substance Abuse Issues Common Among Veterans

Many who have sustained injuries during combat return home with the need to see medical professionals to start healing, and sometimes, powerful painkillers are dispensed as part of their treatment that can be addictive.

Additionally, the stresses of war make veterans especially susceptible to alcoholism. Psychological and emotional issues like depression, anxiety, combat stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can further increase the likelihood of substance abuse in this demographic. 

How Can Veterans Addiction Treatment Help

Cost-effective, private veteran rehabilitation programs are incredibly important to help military personnel heal and contend with their new realities once they return home. 

At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize that accessible veteran substance abuse programs can be crucial to help ex-military personnel reintegrate into civilian life, and that’s why our recovery network includes numerous veterans addiction treatment programs that can serve former soldiers after they’ve sacrificed for their country.

Advantages of Veterans Addiction Treatment Programs

Although most addiction treatment programs, whether or not they are specialized, are better options for veterans than continuing to suffer from addiction, veterans drug and alcohol rehabs are usually the best choice.

Some of the advantage of veterans addiction treatment programs include:

  • Ability to connect and relate with fellow veterans
  • Ability to talk to people with shared experiences
  • Staff that have been specially trained
  • Most take military insurance options like Tricare
  • Specialized treatments
  • Increased comfort and confidence
  • Increased likelihood of a successful treatment
  • Familiarity with issues specific to veterans

Private vs. Public Veterans Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Private veteran substance abuse programs may be more successful than public rehabs when dispensing treatment because their attractive amenities and progressive, customized treatment plans can make veterans comfortable and more receptive to help. 

Though private rehab centers may have impressive features, they are also capable of administering the nuts and bolts of addiction recovery, including detoxes overseen by clinicians. In addition, group therapy sessions may assist veterans with some of the challenges that they’ve contended with after returning home and can teach them how to repair relationships that may have been affected by substance abuse. 

The veteran rehabilitation programs in our recovery network have been designed to address the specific issues that former soldiers have faced while providing treatment that is necessary to get sober, such as medically assisted detox. If you’re a former solider with a substance abuse problem, fill out our contact form to get help now and find a drug rehab for veterans that is accepting new patients.

Overcoming Challenges when Getting Veterans to Attend Rehab

Challenges may arise for friends and loved ones who want to convince individuals who have served in the armed forces to attend an inpatient rehab. For veterans, admitting that a problem exists that is out of their control can be extremely difficult and may be perceived as a sign of weakness. Additionally, it can be time-consuming to find alternative rehab programs that cater to the particular needs of veterans. 

Rehabilitation center programs in our network employ highly trained medical specialists who are attuned to the needs of veterans and can help work through these issues. 

Call today to speak with a counselor who can suggest rehab centers that accept your private insurance coverage and arrange for transportation to the perfect facility. All of the programs in our recovery network offer 100% confidential addiction counseling services.

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