Myths About Addiction

Truly understanding addiction can be a key component of defeating it on both a personal and societal level. Unfortunately, common myths about addiction persist and perpetuate judgment and shame, which, in turn, can influence whether substance abusers seek help. As a chronic brain disorder, addiction is a serious illness that affects many different types of people in a multitude of ways. Demystifying addiction can lay the foundation for understanding, combat stereotypes, and establish a broad support network for those in recovery. We at BetterAddictionCare know that the realities of substance abuse can be experienced by anyone in any location, which is why we work with a nationwide network of top rehab centers to help people get the treatment they need.

Myths about drug addiction often promote stereotypes about addicts’ personalities and their stations in life. In many movies and novels, addicts are portrayed as young, lazy brutes with no ambition or admirable qualities. Reality proves that substance abusers come from all walks of life and can include individuals who are elderly, sensitive, and highly successful. Myths about drugs and the stigma associated with dependency often make seeking addiction counseling a painful and embarrassing task for those who want to protect their reputations. At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize that privacy can be integral to successful addiction recovery, and admissions into the facilities listed in our recovery network are 100% confidential.

Common myths about addiction inspire judgment of the actions or characters of those with severe dependencies. Addicts are often prejudged as being immoral or even evil. The truth is that those who have been ravaged by addiction are overtaken by impulses, altered brain chemistry, psychological cravings, and a biological need for drugs. While many of their actions may be disagreeable, the painting of addicts as incorrigible is one of the most damaging drug myths perpetuated by society, as it robs them of their humanity. Recognizing that addicts are victims of a physiology that is susceptible to substance abuse through genetic and environmental factors can help friends and family become more comfortable with the idea that many addicts would simply stop using and get sober within minutes if they could.

Some of the most dangerous myths about drug addiction involve the recovery phase. Those who have completed treatment in top alternative rehab programs are often held to higher standards than addicts who received services elsewhere. When or if these addicts relapse, individuals around them may subscribe to the drug myths that they are weak or perpetually stuck within the cycle of addiction. Addiction counselors and medical professionals know better than to write off addicts who make mistakes: Addiction is a chronic illness, relapses are common, and the information gleaned from temporary slip-ups can be used to improve the healing process. The highly trained staff employed by the inpatient rehab centers in our nationwide recovery network work to understand the particulars of a patient’s addiction and develop customized plans so that the chances of relapse are reduced and long-term success is a possibility.

At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize that pervasive myths about drugs do a great disservice to addicts who need and want to start healing. Our counselors are committed to helping addicts find the right rehab without judgment. We also provide aftercare services that will assist you in recovering after you’ve completed inpatient rehab; a recovery team near you can help you stay on the straight and narrow by offering compassion and support. Call today to speak with a counselor who can coordinate your private insurance benefits and transportation services for an immediate admission.

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