Causes of Addiction

causes of addiction

There is no one cause of addiction that every single addict shares. Some are drawn to the escape that drugs and alcohol can create. For others, addiction to substances may be a way to help deal with a mental or physical disorder. Because these causes vary so widely, it’s important that people find the right treatment for their individual needs in order to start healing as soon as possible, and we do just that every day.

The question of what causes addiction has been the source of much research and investigation. According to Harvard Medical School, there are three things that addiction does to influence the brain. It starts with cravings for the substance. From there, a loss of control takes place, and finally, the person continues to use the substance despite negative consequences. In a sense, addiction causes the brain to be altered and function in a different way.

Because of this, the causes of addiction as well as the solutions tend to be complex. It isn’t enough to say that a person just needs to just stop taking the substance and walk away from addiction. Once addiction has set in, a lot of work must be done to break free from the hold that drugs and alcohol have on a person’s life. Addiction recovery is a process that takes time. This is something important for everyone to understand as they go through any type of treatment program.

One of the best ways to gain a clearer understanding of addiction causes is to speak with a counselor. Professionals can help patients investigate their own personal relationship with addiction and look back to find how things started. There are lots of situations in life that result in a person being drawn to the allure of drugs and alcohol. In some cases, knowing the cause of addiction can be the key to working toward true recovery. The causes and results of addiction are tackled in depth when clients begin treatment at inpatient or outpatient facilities.

Are you wondering if you are addicted to drugs? Are you unsure about whether or not you need professional help? If you still have questions about what causes addiction and what options are available to stop it, call BetterAddictionCare today. With a nationwide recovery network, BetterAddictionCare helps clients work toward a successful recovery. Just like the causes of addiction vary, treatment options use a variety of approaches. We’ll provide you with information on the top facilities near you and help you choose an individualized program that will work best for you. Fill out our contact form to get started.

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