Drug Detox – Symptoms

Choosing to get sober is not an easy decision. Not everyone is willing to admit that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol because they are afraid of the social stigma. Others will not choose to enter drug rehab because they do not want to endure the drug detox symptoms that can occur in the immediate aftermath of quitting the drug. Indeed, the symptoms of detoxing can be painful for many people, but getting drug-free is well worth it. And when you enroll in individualized addiction recovery under medical supervision, skilled addiction experts can treat the symptoms to minimize any suffering these symptoms might cause.

Why Are There Detox Symptoms?

When it comes to the process of detoxing from drugs, symptoms that affect your body and mind result because your body is trying to get used to functioning without the drug. Over time, your body has become accustomed to functioning with the drug coursing through your veins, so it must learn how to live again without it. While these symptoms can be uncomfortable and in rare cases life-threatening, there is some good news. The worst of the symptoms of detox from drugs don’t usually last much longer than three days, though cravings for the drugs may last longer.

Common Detox Symptoms

The specific detox symptoms you may experience will depend on the drug to which you have been addicted. But there are some common symptoms that are brought on by withdrawing from many different types of drugs. For example, it is not uncommon for drug addicts going through withdrawal to experience headaches, sweating, vomiting, and nausea as well as mood issues. What are detox symptoms related to mood? Recovering addicts who have used many different kinds of drugs commonly experience anxiety, irritation, and depression. In a small number of cases, these psychological symptoms can also include psychosis and an increased risk of suicide. None of these symptoms are pleasant, of course, and when addicts experience them during withdrawal, they can be tempted to give up and go back to using the drug. That is why professional treatment in traditional or alternative rehab programs is so important. While you are in a good program, you will not have access to the drug and will not be able to go back to it when drug detox symptoms strike.

Relief for Your Symptoms

The BetterAddictionCare recovery network includes facilities and programs near you that treat addicts and make them as comfortable as possible while they are undergoing the symptoms of detoxing. We have helped many addicts find the help they need, and we can work with your private insurance to make your treatment more cost-effective. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing from your addiction. Our addiction treatment specialists are standing by to assist you in finding confidential, effective, and safe addiction counseling and medical treatment.

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