How Long is Rehab?


How long does it take to get sober? That can be a difficult question to answer because addiction recovery is so person-specific. No two addicts are alike, which means that each addict must struggle through a unique combination of psychological and physical factors in order to overcome their addiction. While some general principles can be laid down for estimating the time an addict will need in rehab, the fact that treatment of addicts is highly individualized means that the length of time in addiction treatment will vary to some degree from one person to another.

The Process of Rehabilitation

Drug rehab includes two major stages. First, there is the detoxification phase, when the bodies of addicts adjust to the absence of the drug from their system. The body must undergo some physical changes in order to get used to living without the substance. How long is rehab during the detox phase? The answer depends on the type of drug used and the length of time the addict has used it. For less potent substances, detoxification can be completed in as few as three days. Other drugs, such as crack and cocaine, may require a longer detoxification period. How long does it take to get off drugs such as these? The answer is that while many of the physical withdrawal symptoms will go away after three days or so, intense cravings for cocaine in its various forms may last for up to two weeks. Fortunately, treatment under the supervision of highly trained medical personnel can help recovering addicts effectively manage these cravings so that a relapse does not occur.

Following detoxification, the second phase of drug rehabilitation focuses on individual and group counseling so that addicts can learn ways of dealing with stress and other problems that do not involve taking the drug. Counseling in an inpatient setting is usually recommended to give the recovering addict the best chance of success. But how long does inpatient rehab last from start to finish? Some programs last as little as 30 days, but longer programs may require a stay of anywhere between 90 days and a full year. These longer programs are particularly recommended for those whose addiction has led to many problems with the law. How long is inpatient drug rehab during the counseling phase? Essentially, the answer should always be this: however long it takes for the addict to enter full recovery.

Getting Rehab Help

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