Teen Drug Abuse

teen drug abuse

When it comes to teens and drugs, the desire to experiment isn’t an uncommon thing. Unfortunately, for some, experimentation turns into continued, increasingly frequent use, often involving stronger drugs. When these substances are regularly used to achieve an altered state of mind, it can create problems in school, with one’s family and friends, and even with the law. This behavior is called drug abuse.

Teen drug abuse is a harmful habit that can lead to a lifetime of problems. Older adults who abuse substances usually start during adolescence, and in fact, teen drug use can lead to addiction much more easily than when adults use mind-altering substances. Teen drug abuse is especially hazardous because the adolescent brain is still developing, and substances that are harmful will do more damage to the brain of a younger person than to that of an adult.

Teenage drug abuse may involve the use of prescription drugs, street drugs, or pharmaceuticals that are available over the counter. While most people are familiar with marijuana and alcohol use among young people, harmful teen drug use also includes the abuse of cough syrup and even sniffing glue in pursuit of intoxication, or a “high.”

Prevention and parental intervention are the most important strategies to combat teen substance abuse, but they are not always successful. The risk of teens using drugs is higher than it is for adults because adolescents are more curious about new experiences and are also bombarded by peer pressure. Substance abuse may also occur when students resort to using drugs to enhance their performance in academics and sports as a response to heavy pressures to excel in school.

The conditions that lead to teen drug abuse vary widely, which is why BetterAddictionCare is dedicated to finding customized recovery programs that best fit the needs of each individual. Our highly trained staff can help you find the best addiction counseling services to help teenagers get sober and stay drug-free. Our recovery network includes substance abuse treatment facilities nationwide, which means that you are likely to find that the right solution is near you.

If your adolescent child is suffering from drug addiction, don’t hesitate: Fill out our contact form or call today. Speak with a counselor and let us help you find the best addiction treatment center for your needs. We’ll even help coordinate transportation and insurance requirements. Don’t let the teenager in your life get lost in the world of drug addiction: Contact us and get help now.

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