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Detox Symptoms

The path to freedom from drug addiction begins with a detox. For many drug users, the process of detoxification can seem imposing or even impossible to overcome. The symptoms of detoxing can be disheartening, especially if experienced in an environment where the addictive substance is readily available. The good news is that the signs of detox are also the first signs of healing from addiction. Detox can also be made more comfortable with the assistance of professional medical supervision found in alternative rehab programs like those in BetterAddictionCare’s nationwide recovery network.

4 Minute Read | Published Oct 06 2023 | Updated Nov 06 2023

At its most basic, detoxification is the process of removing an addictive drug from the body. This can be accomplished by abstaining from the drug entirely or by steadily decreasing amounts taken of the drug or a derivative thereof until complete abstinence. Detox is one of the first steps that must be taken to achieve sobriety. As detox involves a cessation of drug use, it is not uncommon for those undergoing detox to also experience symptoms of detoxing and withdrawal. These signs of detox can be managed in a comfortable way at a detox facility, but knowing what to expect will help an individual better prepare for the experience.

Signs and Symptoms of Detoxing

The signs of detox vary according to which addictive substance is being removed from the body. Some common symptoms of detoxing include difficulty sleeping, sweating, muscle aches, and mental afflictions like depression or increased agitation. Drug detox symptoms are generally not dangerous, but when users attempt to self-medicate to ease the effects, they run the risk of making an uninformed decision about their health and how different medicines may interact. The signs of detox may be unpleasant if you go it alone, but a professional rehab and detox facility can help make the process much more comfortable.

How to Find a Detox Facility

BetterAddictionCare’s nationwide network of alternative rehab programs specializes in customized medical detoxes. A medically-assisted detox can help lessen the impact of drug detox symptoms, transforming the process into a comfortable experience while also maintaining a safe environment. In these programs, you’re supported by highly trained medical staff to best facilitate a successful recovery. We’ll work to find the best detox option for you, starting with an individualized pre-screening to locate the ideal treatment center from within our national network. Our team of client care specialists will help coordinate arrangements for your transportation and insurance requirements, and facility admissions are immediate. Let us help ease the symptoms of detoxing so you or a loved one can focus fully on recovery. To get help now and start healing, fill out our contact form or call today.


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