Drug Social Effects

drug social effects

Drug abuse certainly causes many physical problems, but the social ills that result from drug abuse should never be overlooked. Broken relationships, financial problems, and legal trouble are some of the serious social effects of drug abuse. In fact, many of these effects are so significant that they can bring down entire communities. Learn the truth about the social effects of drugs to see how important it is to get help for yourself or for a loved one if addiction is a problem.

The Main Social Effects of Abuse

The social effects of substance abuse are legion. Entire communities have been devastated once addiction has gained a powerful foothold. The major types of social consequences related to drug abuse and addiction reveal why the results can be so costly.

  • Imprisonment: Many studies have reported on the problem of mass incarceration in the United States. Drug abuse is a major driver in this area. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, more than 46 percent of all prison inmates in the country are there because of a drug-related offense. There would be far fewer people in the United States with a criminal record if addicts got the help they need to beat their addiction.
  • Violent Crime: In many places across the country, one of the most important social consequences of drug use is violent crime. Many of our inner cities, for example, have been devastated by gang warfare related to trafficking in illegal drugs. Even the suburbs have not gone untouched by violence related to drugs. When addicts move into a neighborhood, the dealers follow, and crime rates tend to increase.
  • Marriage and Family: Because drugs are so influential on behavior, marriage and family problems increase when drugs enter the picture. As a result, one of the social effects of drug abuse is an increased divorce rate. Other social effects of drugs related to the family are financial in nature: Many addicts spend most or all of their money on drugs, leaving them unable to properly provide for their children.

Don’t Become a Statistic

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, the social effects of substance abuse have likely already hit home for you. But you do not need to be part of these statistics. Our addiction recovery network includes cost-effective, confidential treatment providers who can assist you as you seek to get sober and repair the social damage your addiction has done. Fill out our contact form or call today and we will work to match you with a professional treatment program near you. Let us help you escape the negative social consequences of drug use.

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