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Financial Assistance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Often, when people struggle with addiction, one of the biggest obstacles to addiction recovery is rehab financing. Many people are not aware of the drug rehab financial assistance they may be eligible for. It is possible to find cost-effective programs that can help you get sober, and you may have funds available to help you cover the costs.

5 Minute Read | Published Oct 05 2023 | Updated Jan 24 2024

BetterAddictionCare works with a nationwide network of treatment centers that provide 100% confidential treatment. We conduct personal pre-screenings to match you with the treatment center that will provide the best care for you in a safe, comfortable program that you can afford. Our staff of highly trained, professional client care specialists can assist you in getting the treatment you need to start healing today. Our services include aftercare support to help you to continue to be successful after your recovery program. We will also help you to explore options for financial aid for drug rehab so that you can get help now.

Insurance: Private Financial Assistance for Rehab

People are often surprised to learn that their private insurance may be a source of rehab financing. In many cases, insurance will cover inpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs as well as alternative rehab programs. Some people avoid using insurance as a means of financial aid for rehab because they fear that their employers will find out about their addiction, but because of privacy laws, your insurance company is prohibited from releasing information about your care to your employer. This means that you can safely contact your insurance company to inquire about financial assistance for drug rehab without fear of the information being made public. It is very important that you contact your insurance provider before enrolling in a recovery program to find out what benefits are available to you so that you are not surprised by any costs.

Government Financial Assistance for Rehab

Some states offer public funding for drug and alcohol recovery, which is often available through the state’s substance abuse agency. Many states have state-funded treatment centers that accept patients based on their financial need, state residency, and addiction history. The requirements of state-funded treatment centers vary, so it is necessary to determine what is required in your state. To find out more about drug rehab financial assistance in your state, try visiting your state’s website and looking for social services or health services.

Medicare and Medicaid Assistance for Rehab

Medicare parts A, B, and D may provide some financial assistance for drug rehab for both inpatient and outpatient recovery services, like addiction counseling and aftercare support. Partial hospitalization treatment may also be covered, giving you access to some of the same treatment options available through inpatient services but on an outpatient basis.

Medicaid benefits for drug and alcohol rehab will depend on the state you live in. Eligibility for Medicaid is limited by certain factors, such as whether a person falls within a certain income bracket, is elderly, disabled, or pregnant, or has young children. You can determine your eligibility for Medicaid and find out how to apply online.

Financial Help for Veterans Rehab

If you’re a veteran, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides recovery services for eligible veterans. Services provided include screening, outpatient services, inpatient treatment, counseling, medications, and support group.

Find Financial Assistance for Rehab

If you’re concerned about the cost of rehab, don’t let that stop you from getting help. Call today and let our counselors guide you toward a cost-effective program that’s right for you.


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