When is it Time to Go to Rehab?

If you’ve been wondering when is it time to go to rehab, these 10 signs will let you know

Have you started wondering, “When is it time to go to rehab,” and trying to decide if you need to enter treatment? The decision to enter drug rehab is never an easy one to make. Societal pressure and fears of making the commitment to sobriety can make it difficult for addicted individuals recognize when they need help. To assist you in making this life-changing decision, here are 10 signs that let you know it is time to enter rehab:

  1. You are taking more medication than prescribed
    There are two reasons why you may be taking more drugs than prescribed: you have become tolerant and need more medication to achieve the same result, or because you enjoy the intoxication or other effects of the drug and want to increase the “high”. Both are signs that you are becoming addicted to the medication and it is time to enter rehab to help you quit.
  2. Your substance abuse has taken over your life
    You can tell your life has begun to revolve around your drug or alcohol use, if you have started to cancel or refuse to participate in any activity that won’t let you indulge in your habit. You may not see certain friends or family members because you cannot drink alcohol around them or engage in drug use. If this describes your behavior, it is time to seek help with your addiction.
  3. You will do almost anything to obtain more drugs
    If you have begun exhibiting classic drug-seeking behaviors, it is a sign you need to enter rehab. These behaviors include lying to your doctor to get more drugs, ‘doctor-shopping’, going to the Emergency Room with fake symptoms, asking friends for medication, and stealing drugs or money from your friends and family members.
  4. Your personal relationships have been destroyed
    When the people closest to you begin to shut you out of their lives because you have stolen from them, lied to them, or broken promises to them because of your drug addiction, you don’t need to wonder, “Do I need rehab?” You do. Once your drug abuse causes you to act out of character to hurt the people closest to you, it is time to seek treatment.
  5. Your work or school performance has suffered
    If you experience a sudden loss of interest in your usual activities, find yourself frequently missing school or work because of your drug use, or are unable to concentrate enough to participate in activities you used to excel in, it is time to enter rehab.
  6. You find yourself doing things that are completely out of character
    If you have begun fighting or engaging in illegal activities when under the influence of drugs, or those closest to you notice sudden and extreme changes in your personality and behavior, it is time to seek help from a rehab center.
  7. You continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, despite negative consequences
    If you have experienced medical problems, such as blackouts, nose bleeds, vomiting, or fatigue from drug use but continue to abuse drugs, it is time to get some help overcoming your addiction.
  8. You have tried to stop abusing drugs on your own, but couldn’t
    If you tried stopping drugs and experienced withdrawal symptoms that were so severe that you resumed taking drugs, it is a clear sign that it is time to go to rehab. At an addiction drug rehab center, you can undergo medical detox where medications and supportive services can help manage your withdrawal symptoms and make them much more bearable.
  9. You have pawned, sold, or stolen items to buy drugs
    Look around your home. If your television, computer, tablet, stereo, and other valuable items are missing because you have pawned, sold, or traded them for drugs or money to buy drugs, you clearly have developed an addiction to drugs that is negatively affecting your life. It is time to seek help in overcoming your addiction.
  10. You are ready for something better
    If you are sick and tired of letting drug addiction ruin your life, it is time to stop wondering when to go to rehab and start making arrangements to get the help you need. A stay in an accredited addiction rehab center can give you the tools and support you need to overcome your addiction and enjoy a successful recovery.




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