How to Find JCAHO Accredited Rehab Facilities

Wondering how to find JCAHO accredited rehab facilities? The experts at Better Addiction Care can help with your search

If you’ve been trying to find the best rehab center for you or a loved one, chances are you’ve been advised to find a JCAHO accredited facility. That just leaves you with more questions, wondering what is JCAHO accreditation, why is it important, and how can you find rehab facilities that have been accredited by JCAHO? At BetterAddictionCare, we specialize in connecting families who need help with addiction with high-quality drug and alcohol rehab facilities. We can answer all your questions about JCAHO accreditation including how to find JCAHO accredited rehab facilities that meet you or your loved one’s recovery needs.


What is JCAHO accreditation and why is it important?

The quality of the rehab facility you choose is one of the biggest factors affecting your chances of long-term recovery. The Joint Commission, a not-for-profit organization, formerly known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is the largest accreditor of health care agencies in America. They have a rigorous set of standards aimed at ensuring high reliability in healthcare. Facilities must pass inspections and meet these standards to gain and keep their accredited status. When you choose a rehab facility that has JCAHO accreditation, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing the facility meets an ongoing standard of excellence.


JCAHO accreditation and opioid treatment programs

If you are seeking a rehab facility that can treat your addiction to opioids with an opioid agonist medication, JCAHO accreditation is extremely important.  In 2001, an accreditation requirement was established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for opioid treatment program (OTPs). This requirement was designed to help opioid treatment programs improve the quality of the patient care, treatment, and services that they provide. That means that any rehab facility that provides opioid agonist medication must receive accreditation from a federally deemed accrediting body. The Joint Commission has held deemed status for OTP accreditation since 2001.

The requirements for JCAHO accreditation emphasize standards in critical areas that can have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of opioid treatment programs.  The standards call for person-focused care, integrated and individualized approaches to OTP services and outcomes, and other key services. JCAHO considers several factors during the accreditation process, including medication handling, treatment planning and goals, and diversion control plans.


How to find the best JCAHO accredited rehab facility to meet your recovery needs

One way to find JCAHO accredited rehab facilities is through the Joint Commission’s website. That will give you the names of JCAHO accredited facilities, but the site does not provide any additional information about the services they offer. Finding rehabilitation programs with accreditation is an important first step, but there are other factors that can also play a large role in your recovery success. These factors include whether the facility is gender specific or coed, what therapeutic services they offer, length of programs, insurances accepted, aftercare options, and more.

The caring addiction specialists at BetterAddictionCare are highly trained in identifying all of a patient’s recovery needs. Then, we match him or her with the right JCAHO accredited rehab treatment facility to meet those needs. Our concern for your well-being doesn’t end once you enter treatment. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide ongoing case management services and support after treatment to ensure that you have a smooth transition back into “everyday life”.

Finding a substance abuse program that offers the best chance for a lasting recovery for you or a loved one is easy when you have BetterAddictionCare helping you. Call 1-888-448-1364 today to speak to one of our compassionate staff members. We will assess your needs and find the right JCAHO accredited addiction rehab program to provide you with a strong chance for long-term recovery. We’re here to help you search!