What You Should Know About Long Term Alcohol Rehab Facilities

Written by Chloe Nicosia

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How many times did you wake up with a hangover this week? Do you find yourself drinking more and more and are unable to stop? If drinking has become a problem that you can’t control, then you most probably have alcohol use disorder (AUD). Alcohol is a dangerous substance that is toxic to the body, and consuming large amounts can severely affect your physical and mental health. You will need professional help at a rehab facility to get sober and stay off of alcohol in the future. This is how to determine if you have an alcohol addiction and what you should know about long term alcohol rehab facilities:

To determine if you have an addiction to alcohol, consider if you have had these symptoms within the past year:

  • Have tried numerous times to reduce or stop your alcohol intake but were unsuccessful
  • Having intense cravings to drink
  • Drinking more than you had intended to
  • Drinking, or the after-effects of drinking, is causing problems with family, school, work etc.
  • Exhibiting risky behavior while under the influence of alcohol
  • Having blackouts with a loss of memory
  • Having to drink more to get the same effects as before
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism offers resource guidance on a variety of diverse alcohol addiction treatment options. When choosing the right rehab facility for you, find out if the facility treats each patient individually according to their history, challenges and needs. A good rehab facility will give you a mental and physical assessment and plan a treatment program specifically for you.

For patients with a serious alcohol problem, long-term residential treatment programs are recommended. Addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder that requires much more than simply going through the detox process to wean you off of the alcohol. For treatment to be effective, you will have to change many of your thoughts, attitudes and behavior to overcome addiction. Being in a structured, safe environment, such as a long term alcohol rehab center, is conducive to healing, learning and equipping the patient to make a full and lasting recovery. Long term alcohol rehab facilities have treatment programs that last from 120 to 180 days or longer, depending on the challenges that the patient is facing.

Alcohol addiction affects the addict’s physical and mental health, and a treatment plan is needed that sustains sobriety while reinforcing positive thought and behavior patterns to make effective changes in the patient’s life. Long term residential treatment programs often include: a medically assisted detox process, counseling and therapy, relapse prevention, support groups and aftercare programs. These programs are best suited to patients who have severe alcohol addiction, or who are struggling with a co-occurring mental disorder, or adolescents who need to be re-indoctrinated to sober living.

A highly structured long term residential treatment program can last up to 12 months or more. These programs work best for patients that have had multiple relapses, or are having difficulty with their recovery process. These are treatment programs that are specifically designed to treat teens, pregnant women and women with children.

The first phase of treatment at the long term alcohol rehab center is a medically assisted detox process. After the patient has successfully completed the detox process, he will begin a series of other treatments. Some of the long term residential treatment programs may include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention

Other programs could include treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, and the pharmaceutical assistance of naltrexone, acamprosate or disulfiram to help treat alcohol use disorder along with other therapies. If you have been struggling with a serious alcohol addiction and want professional help, you should contact a long term alcohol rehab center to begin your journey back to wellness.


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