Women’s Recovery Center for Drug Addiction

Discover why choosing a dedicated women’s recovery center for drug addiction may offer the best choice for long-term recovery

There is a tendency in modern society to think that because women and men are equals, they should receive the same treatment in just about any situation. That philosophy does not hold true when it comes to treating drug addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that women and men abuse substances differently and their addiction follows different timelines and patterns. Biology causes men and women to respond differently to drugs and medications, and treatments for withdrawal are not equally effective for both genders. For these and other reasons, many women seeking help with substance abuse find that a dedicated women’s recovery center for drug addiction is more effective at treating their substance abuse.

Gender-appropriate withdrawal treatment

Women have more drug cravings and respond differently to medications than men. The effects of hormones cause women to metabolize some drugs more quickly than men. These differences mean that withdrawal treatments that are calibrated for men are not going to be as effective for women. At a dedicated women’s addiction treatment center, withdrawal medications and treatments are calibrated to work with women’s physiology, so they do a better job of controlling the aches, pains, and cravings experienced during detox.

Awareness of women’s mental health needs

Women’s substance abuse can be triggered by divorce, loss of child custody, or death of a partner or child. Some women may abuse drugs in order to lose weight or self-treat mental health problems. These life situations can also create mental health issues that need to be addressed in order for drug addiction to be successfully treated. Women’s addiction centers are aware of the co-occurring mental health issues that women in recovery face and are equipped to identify and treat these issues.

A safe living environment

Women’s inpatient rehab gives females a safe living environment where they can concentrate on recovery without having to worry about safety concerns. Many women who turn to substance abuse have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, or other trauma in their past. Because of their experience, women may not feel safe living in a co-ed environment. Even when women have not experienced abuse, they may not be comfortable living with men they do not know regardless of any safety measures that may be in place. Women’s inpatient rehab centers can act as a safe haven where women can feel secure enough to concentrate on their sobriety.

Effective group therapy

The effectiveness of group therapy depends on sharing openly and completely, and getting advice and viewpoints from others who are dealing with similar issues. The issues that drive women to abuse drugs can be different from those that men experience, which can leave women concerned about negative judgement from the opposite sex when talking about those issues that led them to recovery. In a women’s addiction treatment center, there are no judgement fears associated with group therapy. Women can feel free to share completely about their sexual history, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and other concerns in a judgment-free setting, enabling them to get the most benefit from group therapy sessions.