Substance Abuse Treatment Near Me

Written by Chloe Nicosia

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You know you have to go to a drug rehab center to get addiction recovery help. You have tried to stop using drugs on your own, but you have not been able to quit. You really can’t afford to go out of town to a rehab center, so you have been searching “substance abuse treatment near me.” But you are wondering if this is the best option for your recovery. The first thing to realize is that we will always find positive and negative aspects in everything we set up for scrutiny, based on our beliefs and mood at the time of inspection. If you are wondering what the pros and cons of drug rehab centers near me are, we have made a list for you:

  1. A good thing about drug rehab centers near me is that I am still close enough to home that my family can visit me, but I will also have the space that I need to get well. An inpatient status will remove me from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, and all its problems, and give me the opportunity I need to just focus on my recovery. There are drug rehab centers near me that provide a safe and comfortable refuge, in a structured and positive environment. Staff members are usually very supportive and encouraging, and will assist me throughout my recovery process.
  2. Drug rehab centers near me will also remove me from the daily distractions of the outside world as I go through personal individual counseling and behavioral modification therapy. This is the area where real change will have to take place if I am going to succeed in long-term sobriety, so I need to learn and concentrate on what I must do to change. Delving into my innermost thoughts may be painful, but destructive behavior patterns will not change unless I can identify the beliefs that are sabotaging me. A rehab center near me can give me the time and space to heal and change. And I will still be in my home town so rehab will be less expensive than traveling to another location.
  3. One of the cons of drug rehab centers near me is that people may know me. Other drug users that I know may also be in the same rehab facility as me, and it may bring back tempting memories. That is where relapse prevention techniques will come in handy, once I learn them. In the meantime, I can tell my counselor what I am experiencing, and he/she will help me.
  4. Substance abuse treatment near me will allow my family and me to attend family counseling sessions at the rehab center. This is an important program that heals the family dynamic and teaches us how to work as a team with mutual love and respect for each member. Members of my family will also learn how they can help me in my recovery process once I return home.
  5. An outpatient drug rehab is also a great option for someone who still has family responsibilities that they cannot neglect. The children are still in the home and will need the continued guidance and support of the addict while he goes through his addiction recovery process. He can also continue to work, maybe just part-time for a while, but that is better than not working. An outpatient drug rehab provides him with the flexibility he needs to remain in his home, but still receive the professional help he needs to recover from addiction.

Whether you decide to attend a drug rehab near you, or go out of state, look for a facility that is licensed and certified and provides the programs that you will need. Ask the facility what they provide as an inpatient, and also what their outpatient drug rehab program provides. The most important thing is that you are willing to commit to the recovery process and are highly motivated to live a sober and satisfying life. That is what spells “success”.