Time Square Driver Reportedly High on K2

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The recent Times Square incident of the Time Square driver reportedly high on K2, where Richard Rojas drove his vehicle on the sidewalk for three blocks killing a teenager, highlights the dangers of K2. Not only did Rojas kill a young woman, but he injured 22 people as well. After he was arrested, he told police that he believed he was crazy and “wanted to kill them.” It was discovered later that Rojas was high on synthetic marijuana and also PCP.

If you have never heard of K2, it also goes by the name of synthetic marijuana, Spice, fake pot, Bombay Blue, Bliss, Joker, Kush, herbal incense and more. K2 is typically created by taking shredded plants, spices or herbs and coating them with synthetic compounds and materials chemically comparable to THC. These compounds affect receptors in the brain, but often are much more powerful than regular marijuana. The dangers of K2 occur because there is no way to know what has been used to coat the spices or herbs. And because K2 is often made to look like food seasoning or potpourri, law enforcement has a difficult time deterring the sale of the drug.

With the Times Square driver reportedly high on K2, the deadly event exposes how the drug can cause mind-altering changes in the user. Because the synthetic cannabinoids within the K2 bind to opioid receptors in the body and brain, just as real marijuana would, the user will begin to feel “high.” But this high is often because of toxic and deadly chemicals mixed in with the drug. According to, illicit laboratories overseas that make K2 will sometimes coat the drug with Raid roach spray and similar substances. These chemicals have caused thousands of people to call into the Poison Control Center over the years because K2 or Spice has caused strokes, seizures, increased heart rates, brain damage, paralysis, vomiting, hallucinations, kidney failure and death.

It is difficult to truly list all the substances found in K2 or synthetic marijuana because manufacturers of the drug continually alter ingredients in order to get it passed into other countries. Because K2 is typically packaged with a label that says “Not for Human Consumption” and looks like potpourri or incense, it continuously makes it through customs and has become a nightmare for law enforcement officials. The drug most often arrives in the United States from places like China, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Are You Addicted to K2?

If you or someone you love is addicted to getting high on synthetic marijuana, it is imperative to get help from a drug rehabilitation center. Withdrawing from K2 can be a difficult process, and will often result in uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms for the user. The severity of these symptoms could cause the addict to return to the drug in order to lessen the intensity of the side effects. This is why it is crucial for someone addicted to K2 to withdraw and detox off the drug in a safe rehab environment where physicians can provide medication to decrease withdrawal symptoms.

Some synthetic marijuana withdrawal symptoms could include:

Using synthetic marijuana can come with life-altering risks. This is clearly seen in the case involved the Times Square driver reportedly high on K2. If you or someone you love has been using this drug, reach out to a detox and rehab center near you to learn about K2 drug treatment programs. You can kick this habit and begin a new journey free from drug addiction.