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Finding Effective Drug Addiction Rehab

Addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing brain disease. In spite of known dangerous consequences, a person afflicted with drug addiction will continue to use any means available to obtain and use drugs. The brain is structurally altered by the use of drugs and cause it to work differently. The changes can result in harmful and self-destructive behavior. Oftentimes  it is difficult for one to break this cycle without seeking effective drug addiction treatment.

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Finding Effective Drug Addiction Rehab For Yourself Or Loved One

Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

The physical and mental health risks associated with drug misuse make finding an effective drug addiction treatment rehab facility essential. A drug rehab facility should offer the very best care available. Following a clinical assessment, the staff will create a personalized treatment program that will be the most effective. Medical detox is the safest way for an individual to stop using drugs. He or she will be under the direct supervision of a doctor and psychiatrist during the process.

The primary care givers in a drug treatment center are trained, certified, and licensed depending on various state requirements. Some of the counselors are in recovery and fully understand the issues others are facing. When deemed best, medications will be given to reduce symptoms of withdrawal and lessen any physical risks that could occur. Many effective drug addiction treatment programs include alternative therapies. Yoga and meditation, art therapy, nutrition, biofeedback, and exercise are just some of the therapies that are offered by quality drug treatment facilities. Better Addiction Care (BAC) offers a free referral service at (800) 429-7690. After answering the questions asked by drug rehab specialists, you will be connected to a top notch facility that offers modern and effective drug addiction treatment.

Best Addiction Recovery Centers

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has defined effective drug treatment should have the following results.

  • There should be a reduction of use of the primary drug
  • There should be improved employment functioning
  • There should be improved educational status
  • There should be an improvement in interpersonal relationships
  • There should be an improvement in overall physical health and medical status
  • There should be an improvement in mental health
  • There should be an improvement in legal status

The best addiction recovery centers will offer both individual and group therapy programs that work on the specific needs for a successful recovery. Psychiatric counseling sessions help the patient discover the causes of his or her addiction and how to deal with the specific issues. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), abstinence is only one of the factors to be considered in a program’s effectiveness. How the patient is able to function at home, on the job, in school, and in the community are all part of the success of a drug treatment program. The NIDA states research shows drug addiction treatment programs to be as successful as with other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma.

Drug Addiction Detox Center

The first step in every successful addiction treatment program is detox. All drugs must be removed from the body before rehab can begin. BAC will help you locate a drug addiction detox center that is staffed by doctors, psychiatrists, and other professionals. Withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental, will be treated with medication to make the detox as comfortable as possible. You will always have people to talk to and provide for your immediate needs. Medicines, nutritious meals, and companionship are provided by the medical support staff and trained counselors.

Everyday a person delays getting help with drug addiction is a day a deadly overdose could occur. Call BAC today at (800) 429-7690, and find out how easy it is to get effective drug addiction treatment. One call can save a life.


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