Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Know What to Look For: The Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Sometimes, when it comes to alcohol consumption, the line between sporadic recreational use and habitual use can easily be crossed. People drink for a number of reasons; whether situational or biological, alcoholism is a serious disease that has the potential to ruin lives. There are certain telltale signs of an alcoholic, being educated on what to look for could save someone’s life, including your own. Here are ten warning signs of alcoholism.

  1. Not being able to limit your alcohol intake

If you find yourself having trouble going out for just one or two drinks maximum, you need to reevaluate your drinking habits and ask yourself how much control you really have over your alcohol consumption.

  1. Spending increased time either drinking or recovering from drinking

It’s important to not only evaluate how much time you spend drinking, but how much time you spend recovering from drinking as well. If you find that you’re spending an increasing amount of time sick from alcohol, you may have a problem.

  1. Having strong cravings or urges to drink throughout the day

One of the most telltale signs of an alcoholic is the constant craving for alcohol throughout the day. If having a drink consumes your thoughts, there is definitely a cause for concern.

  1. Responsibilities constantly get pushed aside.

Having a drink after a long day of completing daily responsibilities is different than neglecting your duties to make time for drinking. Getting so intoxicated that you fall asleep or simply forget to complete your responsibilities is another telltale sign of an alcoholic.

  1. An increasing tolerance

If you notice that you have to keep increasing your alcohol intake in order to feel its effects, this is an indication that your body is becoming tolerant, which can lead to alcohol dependency.

  1. Withdrawing from friends and family

Trying to hide the shame of your addiction may cause you to withdraw from your friends and family. If you realize that you’ve been secluding yourself in order to drink, this could result in serious problem.

  1. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms within several hours

The physical signs of an alcoholic become more obvious during withdrawal. Rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, sweating, tremors, restlessness, and more are all signs of early alcohol withdrawal. If you find that you experience any of these symptoms after not consuming alcohol for several hours, you should seek professional help to assist with a safe withdrawal process.

  1. Negative changes to physical appearance and health

Overtime, the body can show signs of alcoholism, such as weight loss, redness of cheeks, swelling, tiny blood vessels appearing on face, and more. Internally, alcohol causes problems in the liver, kidneys, stomach, and heart. Typically, one of the main physical signs of an alcoholic is that the appearance becomes less important to the individual abusing alcohol as well.

  1. Consuming alcohol before every event, even if it’s unsafe

If you feel that the only way you can get through any event or outing is to drink before, during, and/or after, your excessive desire to consume alcohol is one of the more common telltale signs of an alcoholic, and you may want to evaluate your behavior.

        10.  Denying the problem and making excuses to get help

There are many reasons why alcoholics avoid seeking addiction treatment. Making excuses or downplaying the problem to put off quitting may be a sign of denial.

These ten warning signs of alcoholism are common indicators that alcoholism may be a true problem. Alcoholism can affect others in different ways. Paying attention to physical, social, and emotional changes of your loved ones can help you determine if there is a severe problem that requires rehabilitation.

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