Top 10 Most Common Drugs Abused Today

Written by Chloe Nicosia

A Brief Discussion on the Top 10 Most Common Drugs

With so many drugs available today, it can be difficult to keep track of what they are. People routinely abuse prescription drugs – even if they are not prescribed to them. Not to mention the myriad of street drugs, and the other drugs that we have never even heard of up until a few years ago, like krokodil, for example. Below is a discussion on the top 10 most common drugs that are abused today. 

Top 10 Most Common Drugs

  1. Marijuana. The most used and abused illegal substance is marijuana. Note that it has become medicinally legal in some states, and in others, it has been legalized for recreational use. In Colorado, for example, you can legally purchase marijuana at a dispensary using only a valid form of identification – even if you are a tourist.

The most commonly used drug has to be marijuana. This drug is gaining greater acceptance in society in general because of changes in marijuana policy. The mind-altering chemical in pot is known as THC which is derived from the plant, hemp. Levels of THC can range anywhere from one percent to 30 percent, or more. Pot is more potent today than the days of Woodstock and the 60’s, making it more addictive than ever before.

  1. K2/Spice. This drug is comprised of herbal mixtures that try to mimic the effects of marijuana. Spice is big among seniors in high school. Perhaps because this can be purchased more easily than marijuana. Labels on this drug change because the manufacturers want to say that they contain “natural” materials that produce the psychoactive effects, but the ingredients are actually synthetic marijuana compounds.
  2. Of the top 10 most common drugs, opioids are among the most dangerous and powerful. These days, the opioid epidemic has many concerned – including the Federal government. More people die from overdoses associated with opioids than from heroin and cocaine combined. These drugs are prescribed as painkillers.
  3. This drug is usually prescribed to patients suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, it is abused and eventually, people become addicted. Stimulants are popular among college students to help them stay awake and study.
  4. Depressants are prescribed to patients who suffer from anxiety or who have sleeping issues. They are sometimes classified as tranquilizers or sedatives. Sedatives include drugs like Lunesta or Ambien and tranquilizers include drugs like Xanax and Valium.
  5. Syrup/Sizzurp. As strange as it sounds, people actually do this – mix soda with cough syrup. Cough syrup that is prescription strength (containing codeine) is what they use. Note that codeine is an opiate – and can produce euphoria and relaxation when the proper amount is consumed.
  6. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that is snorted, smoked or injected. When taken in combination with alcohol, there is a great risk of overdose and sudden death.
  7. Alcohol. Another potentially deadly substance that is legal to buy and consume in this country, plays a major role in suicides, accidents, crimes. Remember that the most commonly used drug, marijuana, has been legalized in some states. Just because something is legal, does not bar it from being an addictive and potentially dangerous substance.
  8. Tobacco, which is a legal substance in the United States increases blood pressure and heart rate. In the long-term tobacco increases your risk of developing cancer, having chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cataracts, and pneumonia. Again, it is legal to purchase if you are aged eighteen or over.
  9. Heroin: Heroin has no commercial uses and is strictly illegal. One of the most commonly used illegal drugs, heroin, is especially nasty. When trying to come off of this drug, it is advisable that you seek medical assistance, like a detox center. Symptoms can be savage and lead the individual to use the drug again instead of getting off of it.

After reading about the top 10 most common drugs, do you know of anyone who may have a drug problem? Do you think you may be addicted? Please call Better Addiction Care for more information on the most commonly used illegal drugs and for help finding treatment facilities.