How to Stop Binge Drinking

Written by Chloe Nicosia

How to Stop Binge Drinking Before It Is Too Late

Alcoholism can coincide with binge drinking, but often the two are very different conditions. There are very definite ways to tell if you are a binge drinker vs an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a chronic condition that occurs constantly and is characterized by a dependency on alcohol where you are no longer able to stop on your own, whereas binge drinking is the occasional abuse of alcohol in large quantities over a short period. In fact, the CDC estimates that 90% of people who drink excessively would not fit the description of an alcoholic who is dependent on the substance on a more regular basis.

How to Stop Binge Drinking Before It Destroys Your Life

Does the fact that you may not be an alcoholic but instead a “binge drinker” mean that it isn’t something you need to treat? Absolutely not. There are real life consequences to binge drinking that can destroy relationships and lives, especially when a person combines binge drinking with driving. If your occasional use of alcohol exceeds 5 drinks and you are male, or 4 and you are female, within any 2 hour period, you may be heading towards a classic case of binge drinking.

Learn How to Stop Binge Drinking Before It Leads to Alcoholism

If your body is not currently dependent on alcoholism, there can still be time to take control of this behavior before it’s too late using different binge treatment options. You can:

Educate yourself on the Dangers of Binge Drinking – It’s not just the blackouts and embarrassing situations that binge drinking causes that can ruin your life. Binge drinking, while not 100% alcohol dependency, still has numerous health effects that can lead to liver and brain damage, and even result in alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal.

Keep A Drinking Diary – If you notice that your drinking has become excessive and/or your work or school life is impacted, it’s time to take inventory of how much you drink and when.

Identify Your Drinking Triggers – You might find that you drink when you are stressed at work or only during nights out with your friends. Triggers can include reminders of past trauma, unhealed emotional upsets, or simply social anxiety.

Avoid Situations Where You Are Likely to Overindulge – Parties and social situations where you might be pressured to pre-game with a few drinks or be likely to overindulge should be avoided.

How to Stop Binge Drinking in Loved Ones

It’s one thing to try to handle your own behavior, but what happens when it’s someone else that is binge drinking? Teenagers are very prone to this behavior and can be difficult to influence and families should seek different binge drinking treatment options available in rehab. They can help an individual who may be out-of-touch with why they drink and how it affects them and their family to begin to learn how to stop binge drinking via therapy in groups or individually. They need to be better educated on the dangers of binge drinking¬†and rehab is the perfect place to get that type of information. Even if you are a binge drinker vs¬†alcoholic, there are inpatient alcohol rehab programs that can still help you.

We at BetterAddictionCare can put you in touch with rehabs in your area that can direct you to the resources you need to get your loved one help with their binge drinking. In some cases, it may even require an intervention before a person is ready to face the fact that they have a drinking problem, and rehabs can offer advice on how to stage that intervention. Give us a call today or fill out one of our contact forms to get the type of help you need to get started addressing binge drinking in yourself or others.