10 Signs of Addiction

How to Spot the Top 10 Signs of Addiction in Yourself or a Loved One

Drug addiction is a unique disease in that everyone comes upon it differently. Some individuals attempt to live a dual life – drinking to excess in private while holding down a job and a family at the same time. Others lose everything and end up destitute because of addiction. Still, when it comes to how to identify a drug addict, there are several red flags that seem to extend to most all situations. These 10 signs of addiction will help you determine if a loved one – or yourself – is seriously struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction.

The 10 Signs of Addiction

Here are the top 10 drug and alcoholism signs of abuse.

  1. Lack of interest in old hobbies, activities, and relationship

Drug and alcohol abuse can often take up a lot of time – seeking out drugs, using drugs, and recovering from using drugs. This means that those struggling with substance abuse often let go of goals and interests, and sometimes, they even let go of old relationships.

  1. Secrecy and evasiveness

Often, it’s obvious to those struggling with substance abuse that their activities are not good for them, not widely accepted by their friends and family members, and possibly even illegal. This causes secrecy and evasiveness on their part.

  1. Sleep pattern changes

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, and alcohol affect sleep patterns greatly, so sleeping too much, sleeping often during the day, or hardly ever sleeping are common signs of substance abuse problems.

  1. Lack of responsibility

Because substances can alter a person’s state of mind so greatly, people who were once responsible friends and family members may become much less responsible. They may forget appointments, not show up to work or school, and shirk their responsibilities at home.

  1. Frequent lying

To hide the fact that they are abusing drugs, many of those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse will end up lying frequently to friends and family members, doctors, and law officials.

  1. Making excuses

It’s difficult to admit that you have a drug problem, which is why those who do often make excuses for their drug use.

  1. Stealing

In dire circumstances, drug and alcohol abusers may end up stealing in order to obtain their substances of abuse or money to buy those substances.

  1. Mood swings

Nearly all substances that one can be addicted to alter the mind greatly, which causes frequent mood swings.

  1. Weight fluctuations

Many drugs, like cocaine and methamphetamine, will cause great weight fluctuations in users. Mostly, they will cause weight loss.

  1. Blaming others

Finally, those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse don’t want to admit that they have a problem, which often spurs them to blame others for their circumstances and their behaviors.

Notice Any of These 10 Signs of Addiction?

Now that you know how to identify a drug addict, if you have noticed any of the 10 signs of addiction listed above in either yourself or a loved one, it’s time to seek professional help. These alcoholism signs are a clear indication of a serious substance abuse problem.

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