What Is the Best Way to Detox Heroin?

Find out the best way to detox heroin safely

Heroin is an illegal opiate drug that can prove highly addictive to the user. It can be used by snorting, injecting, or smoking the drug. When a person uses it, it gives a euphoric high that a person needs to only experience a few times before they become addicted. Heroin abuse is not only illegal, it is also deadly. A person can overdose by taking too much heroin and stop breathing. As a result, a person may not receive enough oxygen to their brain. This can result in a coma or in a person’s death.

If a person struggles with heroin abuse, they may understandably wish to quit using heroin. However, the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping using heroin as well as the mental addiction symptoms can deter many people from trying to detox from heroin. As a result, they may wish to seek things to help with withdrawal, such as heroin detox services. Heroin detox can be the best way to detox heroin because a doctor can administer medications to reduce the heroin detox symptoms. This can help to reduce the unpleasant symptoms that may make a person stop in their detox pursuit or cause them to relapse.

What Are Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms?

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, but they can be uncomfortable. Examples of these symptoms include:

Many people who seek heroin withdrawal treatment ask how long will withdrawal last. The physical symptoms associated withdrawal will usually start about 6 to 24 hours after a person last used heroin. The symptoms will peak in terms of severity about two to four days after a person stops using heroin. By day seven, a person’s symptoms will usually lessen. However, it’s possible that mental symptoms can add to how long will withdrawal last. For example, a person can still experience anxiety and strong cravings for heroin long after they stop using heroin.

What Are Some Things to Help With Withdrawal?

If a person does seek the best way to detox heroin, it is important to establish realistic expectations as to what benefits rehabilitation can provide. Some of the benefits associated with seeking medical detox and subsequent rehabilitation for heroin withdrawals include:

In addition to being a best way to detox from heroin, medical detox can help a person also receive help for other health conditions. Examples include mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety.

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