Women’s Addiction Treatment: 5 Myths Busted

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Women’s Addiction Treatment: Is It Different?

There have always been differences in the way men and women are affected by disease. Addiction is a disease, and in some instances women are more biologically susceptible to certain types. Fortunately, there are some professionals recognizing that women’s addiction treatment can’t be part of a cookie cutter program. Better Addiction Care (BAC) is a drug and alcohol addiction referral service that connects addicts to the best addiction care facility to handle their specific needs, including those that affect women.

Women’s Addiction Treatment: 5 Myths Busted

It’s important to understand the many myths related to women and addiction because without this critical information, women’s addiction treatment may be ineffective and result in relapse.

  1. Myth: Women are most likely to ask for help with addiction. This statement is a myth because getting help for addiction requires an admission of need. Women are most likely to feel ashamed and embarrassed, particularly if they have children. They also may fear losing custody of their children if authorities become aware of the addiction. Anxiety and depression also keep women from seeking help as will financial problems.
  2. Myth: Women relapse as the same rate as men. The claim is incorrect because addicted women respond better to rehab and therapy than men do. In situations of relapse, women will respond negatively when having an adverse experience more often than men.
  3. Myth: Women do not become addicted to substances as often as men. That statement was true once, but since the easy availability of prescription pain medications and depression drugs, women are the fastest-growing group of addicted drug users.
  4. Myth: Women addicts do not face a worse stigma than men. This claim is not correct. Women are the primary caregivers for children, and as such they are expected to be immune to the problems associated with drinking and drugs. The stigma placed on them is severe. “She don’t deserve to have children.” and “Her children should be taken by the state.” are the types of comments that can cause a woman to fear getting help. This simply doesn’t happen to men.
  5. Myth: Women become addicted at the same speed. The truth is that women become addicted to drugs and alcohol more quickly than men. From first use to dependence the process is faster for women.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

If you, a friend, or a member your family is in need of a women’s addiction treatment center, call Better Addiction Care at 1.800.429.7690 and speak with an addiction specialist. BAC’s referral services are free, and the staff works diligently to find the best addiction treatment care to meet the individual woman’s specific needs, including psychological counseling to deal with emotional issues and/or depression. Participating in a treatment program that deals specifically with women’s issues has proven to be very successful.

Female Addiction Statistics

When looking at female addiction statistics for 2015, the number of women 18 and older using illicit drugs reached 15.8 million. Add to that the number of women who have misused prescription drugs and the number soars by another five million. Since that study the number continues to rise in both categories. These statistics show women are facing a drug crisis in this country. Around the country, emergency rooms are seeing women arriving for treatment of prescription painkiller abuse at the rate of every three minutes.

If you or a woman you care about is misusing prescription painkillers or addicted to illicit street drugs, it’s important to call BAC at 1.800.429.7690 immediately. Every day you put it off is a day closer to an overdose.

Better Addiction Care has helped many thousands of addicts get into treatment plans that are taking them through detox, rehab, and therapy and helping them to regain the life they once had. Recovery is possible with the help of dedicated professionals. Call BAC today, and take back your life.