8 Benefits of Addiction Group Therapy

The Importance Of Attending Addiction Group Therapy

One of the main benefits of addiction group therapy is the knowledge you are never alone on your road to recovery. For many in recovery, they find a caring friendship they never experienced before. Encouragement, companionship, and sharing are just a few of the reasons group therapy is so important to the recovery process.

8 Benefits Of Addiction Group Therapy

One of the greatest support systems for people in recovery is addiction group therapy. For decades this form of therapy has shown consistent success in helping prevent relapse. Some of the excellent benefits of addiction group therapy include the following:

  1. You are never alone. There are always others to support and encourage you in achieving your recovery goals.
  2. A number of ideas and suggestions are shared among group members. Many times you will find a new idea to deal with a particular challenge.
  3. Group therapy provides the opportunity for free and open discussion. You can speak about your addiction experience and struggles without any fear of being judged.
  4. There is a sense of community in a group of people with like goals. You confidence will grow as will your social skills.
  5. You have a close knit group of friends who are there to give you a lift when things are down. Many times a person is saved from a relapse because of the support he or she receives from their therapy group.
  6. If you do relapse, you have friends to help you quickly get back on track. They know what you are going through and sincerely want to help you through tough times.
  7. Group members rejoice in each of your successes, and encourage you if there is a doubt or failure.
  8. Group therapy begins in rehab, but can and should continue for the rest of your life. The sharing of your success story may be the spark that starts another person down the road to recovery.

Group Therapy For Drug Addiction

Individuals recovering from addiction often feel ostracized from the community. In spite of all the new medical information available about addiction, there is still a stigma attached to it. Group therapy for drug addiction helps members overcome the negative feelings related to community members who don’t understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral issue. A strong support structure, group therapy for drug addiction provides a shelter for the recovering addict.

He or she knows they are in a safe environment with people who believe in them and their recovery. It alleviates the feelings of isolation addicts experience as their relationships with friends and family members deteriorate, and within the group new friendships form and self-confidence starts to grow. Members can discuss the things they did to obtain drugs without fear of being judged. Many people steal money or drugs before they go through detox and rehab and being able to share those experiences freely is an aid to recovery.

Addiction Therapy Activities

There are many addiction therapy activities that prove to be beneficial to the person in recovery. One activity is journaling. Writing down what happens each day, your thoughts, feelings, temptations, and challenges help to discover triggers that need to be avoided as well as issues you may want to bring up in your group therapy meeting. Other group addiction therapy activities can include the following:

  • Discussion of anger and how to control it
  • Discussions of personal issues with suggestions and input from the group
  • Discussions of triggers and how the people in the group deal with them
  • Discussion of how to rebuild broken relationships

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