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AA Meetings in Chico, California

Chico, CA, residents who are alcoholics themselves or have a loved one who is an alcoholic can find the recovery assistance they need in the Better Addiction Care recovery network. Following inpatient rehab, however, the work needed to stay sober continues. Men, women, and young people who have a solid support network after professional alcohol rehabilitation are more likely to stay clean than those who do not. And one of the most effective support networks can be found at AA meetings in Chico, CA.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Is it Right for You?

Since 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has helped men and women overcome alcohol addiction and stay sober. The program's unique combination of dependence on a higher power and group meetings with other recovering alcoholics has proven effective in making sure that alcoholics do not relapse into overuse of alcohol. When they attend AA meetings, Chico, CA, residents benefit because they can receive help as well as give it to others. By sponsoring others in the program and becoming a friend to turn to when they are tempted to try to solve their problems with a drink, members of AA are encouraged to stay sober themselves so that they can help others. AA meetings also allow members to mark their days since last taking a drink, providing occasions for celebration that can be greatly encouraging for ongoing addiction recovery.

Although AA has helped many people, it is not necessarily the right post-rehab solution for everyone. The 12-step approach does not work for all recovering alcoholics. Others may favor smaller group meetings or have schedules that will not work with those of a local AA chapter. Whatever the case may be, you need ongoing support after recovery even if AA is not right for you. The centers in our recovery network can assist you in finding other options if AA will not work for your needs.

Starting With a Firm Foundation

While AA is a great option for those seeking support after rehab, it's often not enough for those who haven't yet sought addiction treatment. If you're not yet sober but want to be, Better Addiction Care can help by matching you with traditional and alternative rehab programs in our recovery network, which includes facilities in Chico, CA. In these individualized programs, you can get a medically supervised detox as well as addiction counseling, and when you graduate, AA meetings in Chico, CA, can assist you in staying sober. Before attending AA meetings, Chico, CA, residents can benefit from learning about what the inpatient programs we represent can offer and how they can best help you get ready for a lifetime of sobriety. Call today or fill out our contact form and we will work to get you matched with cost-effective treatment in Chico.

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