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AA Meetings in Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, California, recovering alcoholics have many programs to choose from to help them get sober and stay that way. At Better Addiction Care, we can help you find the right professional rehab to beat your addiction and the post-rehab support you need to remain alcohol-free. Many of the graduates of the programs in our recovery network choose to join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is not surprising, as AA has a long record of success in working with recovering alcoholics.

Why Alcoholics Anonymous?

There are many reasons why a recovering alcoholic would want to attend AA meetings in Santa Rosa. Some of the key reasons include:

  • Confidentiality: Your addiction struggles are not shared with those outside of AA.
  • Spirituality: AA encourages dependence on a higher power in order to help you maintain sobriety.
  • Sponsorship: An AA participant who sponsors you is a person to whom you can turn for help when you're most tempted to drink.
  • Judgment-Free: The AA network provides assistance in a non-judgmental setting where you will feel comfortable to share your plight.
  • Affordable: There is no cost to participate in AA besides nominal charges for AA books (if you want them) and an offering to help defray meeting expenses.

Other Options in Santa Rosa

Certainly, many recovering alcoholics have found that the best solution to help them stay sober is to attend AA meetings. Santa Rosa residents aren't limited to 12-step programs, though: AA is not right for everyone, and local civic organizations, governments, and religious groups also provide assistance after rehab. The providers in our network and our client care specialists have expertise in assisting those who need post-rehab help but do not want to participate in AA. The important thing is to get you the addiction recovery help that will best suit you, and that is always our goal.

Rehab and Post-Rehab Care

Are you considering getting sober with the help of AA meetings? Santa Rosa residents should know that AA is not an effective replacement for customized treatment at an inpatient rehab facility. In an individualized rehab program, you can get the physical help you need to lessen your body's dependence on alcohol plus addiction counseling to help you get to the root of your addiction and learn strategies to overcome it. AA meetings in Santa Rosa are best used as a source of aftercare support, to help you put what you've learned into practice and provide accountability. No matter which type of help you need at this point in your sobriety journey, Better Addiction Care can assist you: Just call today or fill out our contact form.

Note: The information listed here is for informational purposes only.
We do not guarantee accuracy as Meeting information can change at any time.
We strongly recommend that anyone attending a meeting first contact the location and confirm all Meeting information (day, time, location) before attending.

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