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Treatment For Substance Abuse in San Jose, California

In the haze and blur of addiction, it can be hard to remember that anything exists apart from the high. Seeking addiction recovery is a step in the right direction, but the recovery environment can have an impact on the experience as a whole. Recovery in a familiar location may be beneficial for some, but others find greater joy and growth in a different setting for their drug or alcohol rehab. San Jose was founded in 1777, briefly served as the capital of California, and retains the timeless charm that made it so appealing to early Americans. For drug or alcohol rehab, San Jose, CA is one of BetterAddictionCare's many destinations in our nationwide recovery network.

Drug Treatment in San Jose

The city has many things to offer aside from alcohol and drug rehab. San Jose takes its name from Mission San Jos?, the fourteenth mission to be founded in California, which still stands today in the nearby city of Fremont. In San Jose, rehab centers are surrounded by both the past and future with buildings from some of San Jose's earliest days and new, modern facilities, including those designated for drug treatment. San Jose also has many different parks to hike in and explore, such as the Guadalupe River Park, a perfect place to spend an afternoon after drug rehab. San Jose is a multicultural city, allowing residents to explore many different cultures in a single afternoon.

The Chinese Cultural Garden offers plenty of opportunities to relax, reflect, and enjoy unique events, such as outdoor opera music, during the year. Yet another meditative garden, the Japanese Hakone Gardens, provides a welcome afternoon out after drug or alcohol rehab. San Jose, CA has a fair share of animal residents as well, such as those found at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. The zoo is also an amusement park, making it a great place to take family or friends made while in drug treatment. San Jose is also close to sites like Mission Santa Clara, the Mount Hamilton Observatory, and a Sikh Temple. No matter what type of program you choose for alcohol or drug rehab, San Jose is a city that will support your recovery and make sure your time in the city is an enjoyable one.

How to Find Your Ideal Rehab in San Jose

A San Jose rehab is a great place to recover, but with so many different alternative rehab programs of different lengths and specialties, trying to find the right addiction rehab for you or a loved one can be a mighty task. After all, each person may be best suited to a particular type of drug or alcohol rehab. San Jose rehab facilities are included in BetterAddictionCare's nationwide network, and our personalized pre-screening assessment can help identify the best facility match for you. Our services are professional, cost-effective, and 100% confidential. After we've found your ideal rehab facility, our Client Care Specialists will work with you to coordinate any transportation and insurance requirements.

Once in rehab, the journey to sobriety may begin with a medically-assisted detox, administered by highly trained staff and specially designed to keep you comfortable and safe throughout the withdrawal process. You'll also be able to speak with a counselor to determine the best method for your addiction counseling. Once treatment ends, we'll match you with a committed Recovery Team near you to provide additional support as you continue your recovery. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing and find your ideal San Jose rehab.

Fusion Recovery

940 Saratoga Ave , Suite 240 San JoseCalifornia  95129
Google Rating: 4.2

Lyric Recovery Services

1210 S Bascom Ave, Suite 205 San JoseCalifornia  95128
Google Rating: 5

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

495 Piercy Road San JoseCalifornia  95138
Google Rating: 4.1

Indian Health Center Of Santa Clara Valley

1333 Meridian Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95125
Google Rating: 4.7

Life Choices Treatment

1157 E. Taylor St. San JoseCalifornia  95112
Google Rating: 4.3

Horizon Services Horizon South

650 South Bascom Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95128
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Amicus House

466 South Buena Vista Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95126

Twin Palms Apartment

561 South 9th Street San JoseCalifornia  95112
Google Rating: 1

Mariposa Lodge For Women Detox

9500 Malech Road San JoseCalifornia  95138
Google Rating: 4.2

Oar Center

2787 Moorpark Ave San JoseCalifornia  95128

Pathway Society - Pathway House

102 S. 11th Street San JoseCalifornia  95112

Recovery Connections Treatment Services

1723 Hamilton Ave., Ste. D San JoseCalifornia  95125

Asian American Community Involvemnt

2400 Moorpark Avenue Suite 300 San JoseCalifornia  95128
Google Rating: 4

Proyecto Primavera

614 Tully Road San JoseCalifornia  95111
Google Rating: 4.7

West Coast Recovery

5669 Snell Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95123

Willow Home

808 Palm Street San JoseCalifornia  95110

New Life Recovery Centers

782 Park Avenue, , Suite 1 San JoseCalifornia  95126
Google Rating: 4.9

Support Systems Homes

264 North Morrison Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95126
Google Rating: 3.3


1900 CAMDEN AVE. , #205 San JoseCalifornia  95124

Alano Club Of San Jose

1122 Fair Avenue San JoseCalifornia  95122
Google Rating: 4.6

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Calvary United Methodist Church

Women in Faith Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation, Women
08:00 PM
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