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Innerbalance Health Center

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Innerbalance Health Center

Innerbalance Health Center is located in Loveland, Colorado.
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Google Reviews

Truly the best way to go for recovery hands down thank you inner balance for all the support and help!

Jesse Ivey, 2 years ago

From my first visit touring the facility to the moment I checked out, and even post-treatment, I have enjoyed and appreciated every minute with InnerBalance. The staff is truly amazing and genuinely cares about the health and success of every client. Their holistic approach to an overall lifestyle change has absolutely saved my life. Between the diet, supplements, meditation and exercise, group meetings, and most importantly the one-on-one sessions with multiple counselors specializing in different areas of addiction, InnerBalance supplied me with the tools and resources I need to be successful in recovery. If the traditional 12 step treatment program isn’t for you and you want more out of living a clean and sober life, InnerBalance is the place to go! I can honestly say they gave me my life back and reminded me that I can be passionate about living, free of drugs and alcohol. Thank you guys so so so much!

Amanda Blackmon, 2 years ago

InnerBalance was such a positive experience for me. The counseling, group sessions, and staff were wonderful. It was great to understand how much nutrition plays a role in recovery. I would highly recommend InnerBalance.

Elaine, 2 years ago

If you're looking into rehab facilities whatsoever, you need look no further.. Unfortunately for myself, relapse had to be a part of my recovery in order for me to finally grasp my full addiction, but thankfully I was blessed enough to go to InnerBalance on both occasions where I needed the help of others to start living my life again. The entire holistic aspect of treatment is an eye-opening & incredible learning experience that I have never seen before, the entire staff is unbelievably kind, caring, & understanding, and I have met people there whom remain life-long friends to this very day. All I ask is that you go in there open, teachable, & malleable, and listen to everything the counselors have to share with you, because if I had only listened to them the first go-around, I would have never had to go back a 2nd time. If you have any questions at all, just call & ask for Rochelle or Keri, as they are 2 amazing human beings that will be there for you every step of the way and help alleviate all of your concerns. I find myself missing this place almost every single day of my new life, and even whilst in the midst of my relapse, so I can attest to how great this treatment center truly is.. And remember, as my good friend once told me, "It's not about what you want to do, but what you need to do."

Michael Switick, 2 years ago

Receiving treatment at Inner Balance was a trans formative experience. I experienced healing from all perspectives and was given the tools to create a sober life. They offer my mind body and spirit healing to understand why I was using drinking as a primary coping mechanism. I have been able to use the tools I learned everyday. I have created a journey of inward love for myself. The staff was so inspirational, so relate able, and facilitated my ability to open my eyes to my innate wisdom. My biggest nugget was from the spiritual neurologist "90% of the thoughts we have are the same ones we had yesterday". The only person I am responsible for is myself, and I am proud to be 5 years sober. Thank you Inner Balance I couldn't have done it without your help with such eases and grace.

Becki W, 2 years ago

InnerBalance Health is so amazing and has forever changed my life. From the moment I stepped foot into InnerBalance, I knew that my decision for my recovery was put in the best hands with all of the staff. From the one on one sessions, group sessions, food planning, supplements education and medical health concerns; every program was specialized for my needs and what would be best for my long term recovery. I left InnerBalance Health with the upmost confidence and recovery plan in place which has guided my through remaining sober for over 11 months now. I will never be able to thank InnerBalance Health enough for what they provided then and now. I highly recommend this treatment facility to everyone.

Stacy Weed, 2 years ago

I had looked at facilities from coast to coast. Not even realizing that right here in my own home town was a place that is TOP NOTCH. It has a totally different approach then sitting in a circle and just talking about how to stop addiction. This place looks deep into the individuals body and chemistry and provides data that explains why you have an addiction. These tests are provided by a Dr. that specializes in supplemental tools that will help you curb your addiction. I have seen many people come and go from this facility over the past 15 months. I can attest to the fact that most individuals leave with the knowledge and tools to start and keep a sober life. Its still up to the individual to want to stop. But if you have the "Want" then IB can help you. There are people that come here from all over the world. It is a One of a kind rehabilitation Center that can format a plan to meet your needs. I was an Outpatient client and didn't need inpatient treatment and it worked very well for me. Changed my Life. Are you ready for a change before its to late? Look NO further. Thanks Inner Balance.

Justin Johnson, 2 years ago

I went through Inner Balance in 2011. I wish I could tell you what a wonderful time I had, but that is not why one goes to a rehab center. I was broken and sick, so very sick. What I can tell you, unequivocally, is that I would not be here now if it were not for Inner Balance. I was shocked at how much I did not know about my disease and what a significant factor diet, sugar, caffeine, nutrition, etc. played in keeping me in the cycle of my addiction. NOBODY else uses their unique approach, and I believe this is why so many rehab centers are not as successful as Inner Balance. The house, the people, the location, all are unique and support breaking that cycle, helping me understand my disease, and how to live a happy, sober life. Yes, I have a HAPPY and SOBER life now. I really do. I can say that each part of my experience there was much, much better than I thought it would be. The house is amazing, very homey, warm and friendly. The staff awed me with their dedication, caring, and genuine warmth – they ALL genuinely cared about helping me, getting me to a place of peace and happiness I did not think possible. I cannot recommend Inner Balance more highly than I do. They, quite literally, saved my life.

John Stefan, 2 years ago

After 5 years of struggling with alcohol addiction, I found Inner Balance. They addressed every aspect of my recovery from psychological issues to biological and chemical imbalances to nutrition, meditation, exercise, etc… The facility is a former bed and breakfast 10-12 single or double bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Meals provided were healthy and delicious! The staff is amazing - warm, welcoming, and encouraging with just the right amount of challenge to your old patterns of behavior and thinking. Today I am sober and my relationships with my husband and children are being restored. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Elizabeth B, 2 years ago

Inner Balance was a major game changer for me. They not only helped me comfortably detox off of several prescription medications I had become dependent on but helped me understand and begin to address a number of the underlying issues that were causing my pain. The environment was peaceful and healing and the people were wonderful. I often look back on my time there with awe and gratitude that such a place exists. I would love to see more treatment facilities model the approach that they have at Inner Balance- it truly helped me get my life back!

helena elam, 2 years ago

The top notch staff at Inner Balance gave me the tools to understand and control my addiction. I benefited from the whole body approach to addiction. I felt confident from the day I first met with the intake coordinator. The confidence continued as I met with the counselors, nutritional experts, and the medical staff. The staff really did individualize the program to match my needs. I can recommend the Inner Balance program without hesitation.

Chris Merritt, 2 years ago

In my opinion InnerBalance is one of the best drug and alcohol rehab programs in the country. I say this drawing from prior experience, as my stay there was my not my first round of inpatient rehab-it was my third. I do believe that had I found this program at either my first or second stint I would not have had three rounds; however I am confident that was my last. From my very first contact as I worked though the admissions process up until present where I am still involved in aftercare I cannot say one negative thing about my experience. Each and every staff member was professional, educated and knowledgeable. The accommodations where beautiful. I never once felt demeaned, degraded or was treated like a criminal or a child as I have been before at other programs. The staff truly cared about each one of us and our success in recovery, as the majority where in long-term recovery themselves, and so the knowledge was not only textbook. The program itself was completely well-rounded from the extensive one on one counseling, to the group sessions and planning aftercare. I was respected for my individuality in designing an aftercare plan that would be most helpful to me and not told that 12 Step programs where the only way, as I have also been told in the past. But what really set this program apart was the biochemical and medical piece. This is the first time I have truly understood addiction as a disease, and I also got answers about some underlying medical issues that have eluded myself and my doctors for years. After rehab #2 I was sober for almost four years, but I often wonder how I managed that because physically I felt terrible and I remember thinking to myself many times in those 4 years ‘if this is what being sober feels like I am not sure it is worth it.’ I left InnerBalance feeling better than I ever have in my entire life, but I was also given the knowledge, tools and practical skills to continue lifestyle behaviors and to treat issues that I had which were causing me to self-medicate for most of my life. Choosing a rehab facility is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and I can say with 100% certainty that InnerBalance is by far the best choice.

Erika Salvador, 2 years ago

The InnerBalance in-patient program was a life-changing experience for me. It was my first time in recovery and I found the overall focus on therapy, nutrition, spirituality, meditation, exercise - and so on - incredible. Each therapist worked one-on-one to create an individualized plan for sobriety. The wisdom of each therapist provided powerful tools that continue to help guide me through each day. I would recommend InnerBalance to those looking to change their lives - with the help of people who truly care.

shelly s, 2 years ago

Wonderful program. I found this facility, via the Internet for our daughter. The holistic approach to battle addiction was exactly what she wanted. The biochemical information was truly fascinating; the supplements worked for her. In addition, vegan meals were prepared for her, which she really appreciated. Having the freedom to walk around the beautiful area, the sculpture garden across the street, the lake, and the deck at the house all contributed to her recovery. She just finished the 28 day program and feels confident that she has the tools and strength to be successful in her recovery. The highly trained and compassionate team at InnerBalance did their job to lay the foundation for our daughter's sobriety. She has do to the next steps; everyday. The family 3 day program was really beneficial. We learned that we too have to have a program, for us. Attending Al-Anon meetings is a must. Addiction is a family disease. The gratitude we feel for the staff at InnerBalance cannot be described.

Michele C, 2 years ago

I myself have been to multiple treatment facilities all over the country and InnerBalance definitly is by far and away the most sophisticated program i have been to. All of the staff is extremely positive and caring. I would recommend InnerBalance over any other treatment facility. There holistic approach to the biochemical and neurological aspect gives you a jump start on your recovery. The nutrional aspect is brilliant and cutting edge along with nutrional supplements to give you a mental, physical, and emotional support that is very beneficial. Thank you InnerBalance

Garrod Myers, 2 years ago

INNER BALANCE HEALTH CENTER SAVED MY LIFE !!!! I was hopelessly addicted to opiates. I was taking 280 mgs. of methadone a day, for 12 years, prior to my stay at Inner Balance Health Center. I became addicted to narcotic pain relievers as a result of chronic pain from a motorcycle accident. I made countless attempts to rid myself of physical dependence on opioid medications , to no avail. It was a nightmare. I tried again, and again, and again. Physical dependence can make a person miserable, but Inner Balance made it easy to replace bad habits with healthy life choices. What I was missing was the holistic approach that Inner Balance provided. First, they administered state of the art biochemical lab tests to identify genetic markers that indicated idiosyncratic nutritional deficiencies. With these nutritional deficiencies properly identified, it was easy to implement a regimen of proper eating, with additional nutritional supplementation. The very nutritional regimen Inner Balance taught me still provides adequate nutrition -- I feel great. I have been completely clean and sober for over 8 years. I owe it all to Inner Balance. The nutritional deficiency i previously expirienced perfectly explained why I felt bad all the time before I got clean. I particularly liked the organic meals prepared for us at Inner Balance. I also loved the infared sauna as a detox method. It was calming and soothing. After exiting the dry sauna one day, I suddenly realized I needed to nourish my mind body, and spirit. Inner Balance provided the guidance to to so. I was given a life coach that taught myeto prioritize my goals. I still have access to her to this day. The entire staff are kind, understanding, and empathetic professional who treated me like a king. I still maintain relationships with the staff that so generously gave of themselves to save me to this very day. Opioid addiction is a painful, tortuous, and a dead-end road disease. Inner Balance was a gift that continues to pay off handsomely for me. I hated myself, and my life, before Inner Balance. I absolutely love who I am today. My life is an amazing adventure that just keeps getting better, and better on a daily basis. I have Inner Balance to thank for restoring my life, and my spirit. I highly recommend Inner Balance Health Center, and strongly encourage you to look at whatever it is that ails you square in the face. You don't have to be frightened anymore, and you don't do it alone anymore. Inner Balance will teach you how to engage in your own healing. Inner Balance will show you the way out of your own darkness and directly into the light.

Philip Hayes, 2 years ago

After 1.5 failed rehab attempts, I went to Inner Balance. The biggest difference is that the WHOLE PERSON gets treated, and you get treated LIKE AN ADULT. No lockdown - I could actually go for a run or a bike ride (between groups, one-on-one sessions). You learn to LIVE RECOVERY. They teach you why nutrition is important and you practice preparing healthy meals (you and the other residents take turns with breakfast - easy peasy - AND healthy). You look at yourself and develop a plan to move forward - not constantly rehashing the past. Nurturing, but not coddling.

Cheryl Branson, 3 years ago

This is a world class treatment center. I did the inpatient treatment and loved it. There is a lot that they offer that you can not find anywhere else. The Cattail Inn, this is the name of the home that residential patients stay in, is fantastic. Diane truly knows how to make this house feel like a home away from home. Inner Balance saved my life!

Timothy Speer, 4 years ago

I have had numerous people I love affected by addiction throughout my life and am happy to have found InnerBalance Health Center. There just seemed to be something missing from most other treatment programs. I recommended InnerBalance to a family member because of their holistic approach. For instance, they taught him about the importance of nutrition in reducing cravings. It wasn't just about great food but rather it was an education on the impact things like sugar and fats did to our body chemistry that contributed to an addicts cravings. As with any treatment program, I think it is important to go in with an open mind and willingness to learn how to recover.

David Giacomini, 4 years ago

At Innerbalance Health Center, located in scenic Loveland, Colorado, individualized addiction treatment programs are aimed at fitting the specific requirements of the patient. With unique treatment plans that are tailor-made to suit the individual, addicts will have every opportunity to overcome their addiction.

Just before the patient begins treatment at Innerbalance Health Center, a comprehensive patient assessment will be conducted in order to determine which treatment method will work best. No matter what age group the individual belongs to, treatment is available to those of all ages . In order to obtain a life that is free of addiction, the addict has to be in the mindset of ‘recovery’. This means that the idea of sobriety is already planted in the individual’s mind and therefore will want to work toward achieving that goal.

The dedicated staff members at Innerbalance Health Center are committed to the recovery of the patient and will do everything in their power to help them throughout this trying time. Reaching personal life goals is possible but it requires the addict to kick the habit of abusing drugs and alcohol in order to obtain them. This is exactly why facilities for addiction treatment exist.

There is no reason that treatment shouldn’t begin today, so contact Innerbalance Health Center and discuss the various treatment options today. Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult which is why treatment facilities are here to help. Typically speaking, addicts fail when it comes to seeking treatment on their own as not all facilities out there are as reputable as others. At Innerbalance Health Center, the staff is dedicated to helping their patients succeed in recovery. It’s never too late to seek help and assistance with drug or alcohol addiction.

Innerbalance Health Center strives to show addicts that there is a life outside of addiction and through treatment; Addicts will be able to take control of their lives. Patients are also urged to attend relapse prevention programs even after treatment is completed in order to mitigate the chances of relapse in the future.

The time to get help for addiction is now. Contact Innerbalance Health Center today at innerbalancehealthcenter.Com and learn how treatment can change life around for the better.

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