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Several advances over the past century have made it easier than ever for people who are in pain to get the relief they need. In particular, the development of several synthetic opioid pain relievers has made it possible for those who are in pain to get comfortable and enjoy a more normal life. Unfortunately, many opioids, or narcotics, can also be highly addictive. This is certainly the case with Dilaudid.

Getting Addicted to Dilaudid

Many people who suffer from Dilaudid addiction did not seek out the drug in the first place. Perhaps it was prescribed to them to help them recover from the pain of surgery. Others received it at first because it was the only thing that could help with their chronic pain. However it was first received, many users report that the drug was very successful in helping relieve their symptoms but that over time, their bodies developed a Dilaudid addiction. They reached a point where Dilaudid was the only thing that could help them with their pain.

Others learn that Dilaudid can produce a feeling of great pleasure, and so they come to suffer from Dilaudid addiction due to recreational use. Still others experience Dilaudid addiction symptoms because they initially found the drug helpful for relaxation. But no matter how the addiction started, getting professional addiction counseling is a must. Many thousands of people die as the result of a narcotic overdose every year, and those who take Dilaudid are especially susceptible to overdosing, especially once they have become addicted.

Discovering an Addiction to Dilaudid?

How do you know if you are suffering from a Dilaudid addiction or are using the drug responsibly as prescribed? Look for the following Dilaudid addiction symptoms to figure out if you have a problem.

  • Perpetual drowsiness
  • Ever-present lightheadedness
  • Ongoing difficulty breathing
  • Inability to deal with life’s problems without the drug
  • Using Dilaudid even when not prescribed
  • Sleep apnea

Particularly if more than one of these Dilaudid addiction symptoms is present, it is vital that you consult with a professional to see if you need individualized addiction recovery treatment.

Solving the Problem

If you suspect that you or someone you love is addicted to Dilaudid, we can help. Our highly trained client counselors can connect you with inpatient treatment near you that is completely confidential. Each program in our recovery network is medically supervised, so you know that your treatment will be as safe as possible. We represent traditional and alternative rehab programs nationwide, so fill out our contact form and we will assist you so that you can get help now.

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