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Dilaudid is the brand name of the narcotic hydromorphone, which is used to treat pain. Under the supervision of doctors, millions of people have taken the drug after surgery or to relieve chronic pain. Sadly, many of these individuals have become addicted to the drug. Others have engaged in Dilaudid abuse because they first obtained the drug illegally. Dilaudid drug abuse is a significant issue, and if you have a problem, it’s important that you get help from an individualized addiction recovery program as soon as possible.

About Dilaudid

Dilaudid comes in two main forms: capsules/tablets and injections. In 2012, nearly 4 million people received a Dilaudid prescription, making the drug one of the most commonly prescribed pain relievers. That it is often taken with a prescription can also make it more likely to be abused than other narcotics. Many people do not seek to engage in Dilaudid abuse; instead, it ends up happening to them because their bodies become accustomed to the drug over time. Because of this, users of Dilaudid must be very careful to follow their doctor’s instructions if they receive a prescription for the narcotic. When the instructions are not followed, Dilaudid drug abuse becomes far more likely.

Recognizing Abuse

Many people suffer from a Dilaudid addiction without even knowing it. If you or someone you love has been taking Dilaudid, there are key signs that may indicate that you are an addict. Some of the most common behavioral signs of Dilaudid abuse include seeking out multiple doctors so that you can receive many different prescriptions for the drug and lying to others about the abuse. Some who are engaging in Dilaudid drug abuse will even forge prescriptions for the drug. Drastic mood swings and excessive constipation are some of the more common psychological and physical symptoms of a Dilaudid addiction. You may also sweat excessively or suffer from a great deal of itching.

Start Healing Today

If you suspect that you or someone you love is engaging in Dilaudid abuse, don’t wait to get help. At BetterAddictionCare, we specialize in helping people find the right addiction recovery program for their needs. Our highly trained client care specialists can put you in contact with one of the many programs that are accepting new patients so you can recover from Dilaudid drug abuse. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and assistance with finding affordable, customized treatment near you.

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