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Famous Addicts in Recovery

The problem of drug and alcohol addiction affects people from all walks of life. Even the most famous people can get addicted, and the news is frequently filled with stories of celebrities in recovery. But if famous alcoholics and other well-known drug addicts are not afraid to get help, you shouldn't be, either. The stories of famous recovering addicts can help inspire you to enter treatment and get sober or find treatment for a loved one who is an addict.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has lived nearly her entire life in Hollywood, which makes her one of the most famous alcoholics in our culture. Curtis also struggled for many years with an addiction to prescription painkillers. She was convinced to enter rehab by her daughter, who pleaded with her to break her addiction. Drug- and alcohol-free for many years now, Curtis is one of the celebrities in recovery who have inspired many people to stop abusing drugs.

Betty Ford

No list of famous alcoholics in recovery would be complete without Betty Ford, the former first lady of the United States. During the late 1970s, Ford's abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol became well-known around the world when she checked herself into an inpatient treatment facility in California. Ford was convinced to enter treatment after a family intervention, and she worked the rest of her life to raise awareness about drug addiction. Her struggles have inspired many people to seek professional addiction treatment.

Larry Hagman

Famous for playing J.R. Ewing on the soap opera Dallas, Larry Hagman spent many years in recovery for his addiction to alcohol. Hagman, in fact, is a great example of why one should enter treatment early. Because Hagman did not address his addiction problems early enough, he later developed liver cancer. A liver transplant saved his life, but he may never have needed it if he had been treated for his addiction sooner.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie is another of the many famous alcoholics in recovery. For Ritchie, it was a run-in with the law in 2006 that prompted her to get help and overcome her addiction to alcohol. Earlier in her life, Ritchie was also a user of heroin, and she entered into an inpatient treatment center to beat her reliance on that substance. Though her road has been rough, Ritchie has been successful so far, putting her in the category of famous recovering addicts.

Help for You

You do not have to be a celebrity to get professional help for your drug addiction problems. The BetterAddictionCare network of traditional and alternative rehab programs offers confidential treatment across the country. We can help you find the best treatment for you when you contact us. Speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists about customized rehab programs when you call today or fill out our contact form.

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