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With individualized addiction recovery services, a heroin addict has the best chances of successful rehabilitation. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a problem, use our online assessment tool to gain perspective. Then, call to speak with a counselor and learn more about your options.

Heroin is found in a number of different forms. The poppy plant is the source of the medication; the opium is extracted, this substance is converted into morphine, and from there, the product is modified again, resulting in heroin. Sometimes it is a white powder, easily distributed to a large group of people. Other times, the powder is brown. In some cases, the drug actually looks similar to tar or is made up of solid black chunks. There are multiple ways to consume these types of heroin. Some prefer to smoke or snort the substance, while others inject it directly into the body.

When the drug is injected into the body, a heroin addict feels an immediate rush. This rush is what keeps a person going back to the drug over and over again. It takes very little time to transition from trying out heroin to having a full-blown heroin addiction. This is why it is so important for those who use heroin to reach out and get help now, before things get worse.

Without the help of heroin addiction treatment, individuals may suffer from the consequences of extended use. A person may no longer care about their well-being, opting instead to focus on when and how heroin can be obtained. This is one of the more noticeable signs of heroin addiction. But it is never too late for you or a loved one to overcome addiction. We can help you find cost-effective facilities with highly trained staff that offer customized programs to meet the needs of each individual. We can even help coordinate your transportation needs and insurance coverage.

The consequences could be dire for addicts who don’t seek out professional help. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a heroin overdose often results in the suppression of breathing. This means that the brain doesn’t get the necessary amount of oxygen, resulting in severe damage to both the body and the brain. With health effects this severe, it’s crucial for those who struggle with addiction to heroin to seek out alternative rehab programs as soon as possible.

If you or someone you love is displaying heroin addiction symptoms, there is no time to waste. Fill out our contact form for more information. We understand how difficult this first step can be and will work to make it a safe and comfortable experience for everyone involved. BetterAddictionCare’s services are 100% confidential, and our work doesn’t stop at admission into an inpatient treatment program. We’ll also work with a recovery team in your area to follow up after treatment and offer continued support. Don’t delay: Get help now.

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