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Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Havenwyck Hospital offers treatment for Addiction, Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse. Our mission at Havenwyck Hospital is to be the leading provider of quality care for addiction treatment in the country. In these treatment plans, we teach our patients to develop coping skills, identify relapse triggers, and rebuild their sense of self-worth and confidence. It’s within these coping skills that will ensure the success of an addict’s recovery, since they will be utilizing them both during treatment and once they return home after treatment is over. At Havenwyck Hospital, we believe that everyone has the ability to recover from their addiction, despite how severe their addiction may be. We strive to do everything in our power to show our patients that they can succeed in every facet of their life, not just in treatment. We are here to help break the cycle of addiction so that our patients can live the life that they deserve.

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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Medicaid, Medicare, Visa.

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  • Medicaid
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Google Reviews

I got out yesterday after a 10-day stay. Overall it wasn't bad. I was on E unit, the high-functioning floor. It was the only place my insurance would allow. The good? It was kept very clean and most of the staff were very nice (shout out to Emma!). I had a 1:1 for my first few days because I was honest with them that I didn't think I could stop myself from self harm in there. Yeah, they severely limit your belongings and the environment for safety. They check on you every 15 minutes. They lock your bedroom door from 9a-2p to encourage you to go to group. I had my husband and roommate visit every Thursday and Sunday. Social worker visited every Tuesday and Thursday. But there were fun things to do besides just coloring. The TV was always on, phones were on during non-group times, movie nights, and karaoke. MD was quick to recognize my vitamin deficiency and even had an EKG done because my heart rate was too fast. One girl did not speak English, and they had arranged for a translator to be there for six hours by the following day. They arranged my aftercare without issue to my existing psychiatrist and therapist. Overall, very helpful in the worst time of my life. Now for the bad. I was upset that the courtyard was shut down, so we couldn't get outside, and it's a non-smoking unit. My psychiatrist was a joke, he wanted to keep me for four days after I'd been told my discharge date. Though he correctly diagnosed me as Bipolar-T2, he was very unpersonable. Almost like a psychiatrist who sees many patients a day! The food was edible, but it's not a hotel. I was only overmedicated once, my first day. But I spent the first day huddled in a corner screaming so the next day I slept and awoke my third day renewed and clear headed. I only got individual therapy if I asked for my social worker. There were several people of the same or similar names there and mixed some of our records. My advice? Don't fight the system. It will help you in the long run. Participate and you will learn a thing or two. Thank you Havenwyck!

Kirstin Perkins, 2 months ago

My son has had the best care the staff is friendly and helpful THE GUNIT shout out to Daniella Jennifer Ryan Lilly Heather and Lolita you guys are awesome

Naomi Gaither, 4 months ago

I was a patient here for 8 days. My doctor helped me find the right medication for me, and the nurses taught me valuable lessons in coping with my problems. Most of the staff here are friendly, helpful, and really care about your treatment. However, the food served here is, in a word, dreadful. There are few healthy options, and the overall quality of the food is just bad.

Nathan Buchanan, 6 months ago

I went here once . I had a good experience. Staff were friendly & caring, they talk with you if you were upset one on one. I didn't like all the free time though, I wished for more groups for therapy, but overall for a short stay it's not bad, I just disagree with their piercing rule. I personally have 11 piercings & they make you take them all out at admission. Mines almost closed up . That sucked. While I was here I cleared my mind. Felt safe & cared for. Would recommend

Charday Renay, 6 months ago

One of the best hospital's I've been to for mental health I have been there both as a adult and a child I prefer havenwyck hospital more then any other hospital the staff treat you with respect the food is great and the therapy is right on point

joe baetz, 6 months ago

This place was just a two weeks vacation for me. most people wouldn't say that but it honestly gave me a break from being stuck with my parents all day. the only reason why I didn't stay longer is medication issues. otherwise I get free food here and I made a few friends. so what the hell. it wasn't that bad. Cute female staffs in there as well.

Evan Williams, 11 months ago

I stayed at Havenwyck for 14 days in the men's unit for depression and suicidal thoughts based on a petition from the hospital I was brought to prior to this place. Drugged out of my mind for a few days but then my body got used to it and life wasn't so bad. Food was decent. My family could visit. Staff really encouraged you to go to the groups which I thought weren't really helpful until I started listening a bit more to what other people were going through and how I felt. Staff was a bit unorganized at times but overall the place did help me feel kinda back on track. Still working on things, but this place helped balance a bit.

Joe Napier, 1 year ago

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