4 New Apps for Relapse Prevention

These apps for relapse prevention can help you stay sober in early recovery and beyond.

Recovery isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and motivation to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes, and it takes a great deal of focus and attention to effectively deal with cravings, stress, and other triggers. Relapse prevention is a major focus of addiction treatment and involves learning new skills and relapse prevention strategies for coping with triggers and high-risk situations that can quickly lead back to using. For the more tech-savvy folks in recovery, a number of apps have been developed to help prevent relapse. Using one or more of these apps for relapse prevention can help bolster your motivation, increase your self-confidence, and add another layer of protection against relapse.

All of the following apps for relapse prevention are available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an app that puts you in touch with a large community of people in recovery. You can join anonymously, or you can join as you, but either way, you have access to around-the-clock support from other users. You can get in touch with people in your area or people across the globe. When you travel, you can connect with people in your current location.

Sober Grid features chat and messaging functions, and it allows users to send their location to another user in the event a meet-up is in order. Like other social networks, Sober Grid features a newsfeed where users can share posts with other sober individuals, from fleeting thoughts to epic struggles and everything in between.

2. Inspirations

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration in our day to shore up our commitment to recovery. As far as inspirational apps for relapse prevention go, Inspirations is one of the best. Each day, this app delivers an inspirational quote. Press the “Today” button for that day’s quote, and swipe forward and back to scroll through the daily inspirations. If you shake your device, a random inspiring message will pop up. This app enables you to share inspirational quotes with others, and you can bookmark your favorites to enjoy when you need a little extra motivation.

3. Nomo

Nomo is much more than a sobriety clock, although in terms of sobriety clocks, it’s one of the most user-friendly. It claims to be the only sobriety clock app that breaks down your time sober to the minute. It tells you how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes you’ve been sober, and it can help keep you motivated to reach your long-term sobriety goals.

Each time you hit a recovery milestone, Nomo issues a chip. The latest version of the app features a variety of chips to help you stay motivated. The app can keep track of more than one sobriety date, so if you’re in recovery from more than one substance or behavior, you can keep track of all of your milestones. You can also track time and money saved by remaining sober, and you can share all of your successes to your preferred social media platform. You can also add another Nomo user as an accountability partner, and the app includes a variety of “refocus exercises” to help you refocus when you experience triggers, which is one of the most valuable relapse prevention strategies for successful recovery.

4. LoveTapp

One of the simplest apps for relapse prevention, LoveTapp features a glowing orb that you can double-tap to send out a request for support within the community. Users respond by sending a simple tap back to you. One of the most important relapse prevention strategies is maintaining connection with others, and LoveTapp lets you know that others are thinking about you and rooting for you. It’s a small but powerful reminder that you’re not alone.

Using a variety of relapse prevention techniques is ideal for successful ongoing recovery. Having a range of strategies for coping with triggers and getting through rough patches is essential for success, and using one or more of these apps for relapse prevention can go a long way toward helping you stay sober and connected with others in recovery.

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