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rehabs in Charlotte

If you’ve been looking for the best rehabs in Charlotte, our team is here to help you find them. Here is a sample of seven of the most prolific rehab facilities available in your area:

  1. New Season – This is a recovery center with numerous locations across the country, including in Charlotte. They focus on addressing addiction conditions and mental health issues via numerous conventional and advanced recovery modalities. The facility offers MAT, counseling, therapy, and social reintegration support and guidance.
  2. McLeod Addictive Disease Center – One of the top rehab centers in Charlotte, NC, helping men and women overcome their substance-related conditions. They offer residential care, outpatient assistance, dual diagnosis clinical and psychiatric support, and much more.
  3. Zenith Hope Center – This institution focuses on treating drug addiction on an outpatient basis. They rely on IOP and outpatient services to help addiction victims regain their composure, stability, and sobriety. Some of the core procedures available include individual and group counseling, therapy, Medication-Assisted Treatment, relapse prevention management, etc.
  4. Innervision – One of the most advanced addiction treatment centers near me, providing extensive clinical assistance for substance addiction and mental health problems. They are some of the leading entities in the rehab business, thanks to their high-end rehab modalities and programs.
  5. Atrium Health Mercy – This is a treatment facility handling multiple health-related problems, including substance addiction and co-occurring disorders. Some of their core clinical programs include behavioral health, pharmacotherapy, mental health assistance, etc.
  6. Dilworth Center – The Dilworth Center offers extensive recovery services to adults, young adults, kids, and families. They main IOP and outpatient services and also provide sober living support to those in need of continuous care programs.
  7. Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center – Anuvia is among the premier Charlotte rehab centers, offering a complete range of recovery services available. They specialize in detox, residential care, outpatient services, and even court support for individuals dealing with DWI cases.

These rehab facilities only make for a small sample of what’s at your disposal in the Charlotte area. We believe that finding a reliable recovery facility that meets your needs is not only a time-sensitive process but a delicate one as well. Having a team of professionals to guide you towards the finest recovery facilities in your area is essential for the rehab’s success.

How we will help you find the best rehabilitation center

If you require Charlotte addiction and mental health treatment today, you have no time to waste. Calling our helpline will set things in motion and have our experts jump on your case immediately. Upon contacting us, we will:

  • Evaluate your insurance plans
  • Assess your condition and treatment needs
  • Pair you with several reputed rehab centers to choose one that fits your needs the best
  • Help you prepare for treatment

We can guide you towards the finest rehabs in Charlotte to make sure you get the best treatment you deserve. If you’re interested in speaking to our helpline experts, call 800-429-7690 and verify your insurance today. Better Addiction Care is available for contact 24/7.

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