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Sober Activities for Couples

When getting sober when you are in a relationship, it is very common for both members to become sober in an effort to either help curb the addictions of the other or to eliminate issues with substance abuse for both. At the time this is happening, it can be very beneficial to think about planning some fun sober activities for couples. It can prove to be a big difference maker when on the path towards recovery from an issue with dependency on drugs or alcohol. But why?

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In order to answer this question, as well as provide some suggestions for which activities to do sober as a couple, the team at Better Addiction Care provides this guide to why you should consider these activities and which are the best ones to take part in! Our team has years of experience connecting those who suffer from addiction to the right national drug abuse treatment or alcoholism recovery programs and centers around the country through our free resources. We are always ready to share some of the insights that working in these services offers.

Why Sober Living Activities Can Help Couples in Recovery

Before you jump the gun and start planning your next retreat with your significant other, it is important to understand why sober activities for couples can prove to be such a great experience if one of you or both are in recovery. For starters, they are a way to distract you from your cravings and get you involved in sober, fun activities. These activities can provide all the proof you’ll need for how exciting and fun a life not dominated by drug or alcohol abuse can be. 

While this will help with your sobriety journey, there is also the condition of a better personal relationship to discuss. When someone becomes sober, it is natural to want to distance themselves from people who remind them of their substance abuse tendencies. Considering how much time couples spend together, it is natural to associate your significant other with substance use. Taking part in sober group activities with the other half of your relationship can help you reframe them in your mind as a person who is a part of your growth, not your past. 

15 Sober Activities for Adults in Relationships

If you believe that sober activities for couples could help you, your significant other, or both of you to overcome substance abuse issues, then be sure to do whichever activities you both love and will continue to love without the influence of alcohol or drugs. But, if you are a bit lost while looking for new fun, sober activities at night, during the day, or for celebrations, then our team is here to help!

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on the effect of substances and their ability to impair, disguised as fun, so it can be hard to come up with new ideas. If you are struggling with finding your new favorite sober activities for couples, please consider the following options:

  • Go to the movies. Going to the movies is one of the most common sober date ideas, and it’s easy to make a night of it. Have a nice dinner somewhere, then hit the theater. Afterward, hole up in a coffee shop to talk about the flick while sipping on lattes.
  • Take a hike. Explore the natural world together with a hike through the woods, into the mountains, across the desert, or on an urban trail. Chances are, there’s a city, state, or national park near you that offers hiking trails. Pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water and hit the trail for a day spent in nature.
  • Enroll in a class. Taking a class together is fun and rewarding. Decide what you’d like to learn together. It could be a new language, a new skill like cooking or flying, or playing a musical instrument. Check the schedule at your local community college, or you can look for local organizations that offer classes or even find a private instructor.
  • Get fit. Getting fit together can be one of the best sober activities for couples because it’s a great way to strengthen your relationship and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Join a gym, start a running program, or take up a sport, like tennis or swimming, and get your body moving.
  • Hit the spa. Add a spa day to your list of sober activities and spend a few hours together getting pampered. A facial, massage, manicure, or pedicure is just the thing to refresh the body and spirit, and you can hit the juice bar or have a healthy lunch or dinner afterward.
  • Throw a party. A sober party is a fun way to spend an evening together with good friends. Whether it’s a dinner party or a casual get-together in the backyard, throwing a party with other sober people strengthens your recovery and provides fun, relaxation, and great conversation.
  • Go for a drive. When it comes to sober date ideas, going for a relaxing drive can be a great opportunity for having deep conversations, listening to music, or just enjoying each other’s company as you embark on an exploration adventure in the car.
  • Go for a swim. Hit the pool or your local beach for a day or evening of frolicking in the water. It’s a great way to beat the heat, and it’s good exercise.
  • Visit a gallery or museum. Go to your favorite gallery or museum, or find a new one you haven’t been to. Look for quirky or specialty museums in your area for a bit of unique fun.
  • Play games. An evening playing board games can be one of the most relaxing sober activities for couples. Play a game of cards, Monopoly, or Scrabble, or invite the sober crew over for a hilarious, rollicking game of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Visit an amusement park. If adventure is your thing, try out the roller-coasters and other rides at your nearest amusement park for a day packed with thrills.
  • Cook up a feast. Plan and execute a feast for the ages with your significant other. Cooking together can be fun and romantic, whether you’re feeding just yourselves or a crowd.
  • Binge-watch Netflix. Assemble a mess of snacks, and binge-watch a series on Netflix. Whether it’s this or another streaming service, you can find a range of comedies, dramas, period pieces, and thrillers with episodes you can watch back-to-back.
  • Go for a bike ride. Get out the bikes and hit a wilderness or city trail for some fun and exercise. Bring along a picnic, or have a destination in mind, like the ice cream shop or an outdoor concert.
  • Enjoy a festival. Festival season offers a long list of sober activities, from concerts and farmer’s markets to film festivals and holiday shindigs. Check your local and regional listings for festivals near you.

These activities are a guideline to follow, not a must. If you and your significant other have your own favorite activities that you find keep you sober for longer, then please continue on whatever works for you. But if you are looking for fun things and maybe entirely new experiences to be a part of, then these are all amazing additions that can be a part of your next activities calendar. 

Getting sober does not have to be done alone. Your friends and loved ones will likely be the biggest supporters in your journey toward sobriety. If you truly want to become the best version of yourself, then be sure to use all the tools at your disposal to make your road to a healthier and happier life as convenient and effective as possible.

Find the Right Alcohol or Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Your Area

If you are interested in turning your life around by getting sober, either alone or with your significant other, sober activities for couples are a great way to keep yourself occupied with healthy fun! But these activities will require a previous acceptance of addiction as a fact of your life or relationship. If that is the case, then finding an alcohol or drug addiction treatment center in your area is a must.

Our team’s commitment to providing free resources includes access to our online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. This will connect you with the perfect team and get you on the right path quickly. If you have any questions regarding our free resources, such as our substance abuse treatment articles like this one, and how they can help, then feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have. 


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